Golden Age Adult Star Cara Lott Passes

UPDATE: AVN has reached Cara's sister, who informed us that Cara died after a long bout of kidney disease coupled with diabetes, which left her a shadow of her former self, weighing just 77 pounds. The sister described her as "very independent and a real entrepreneur," but said that she knew she didn't have long to live, and even gave her dog up for adoption shortly before she passed. She also said that there will be no public memorial service for Cara, but that she appreciates all the good wishes that Cara's friends in the industry have conveyed to her.

LOS ANGELES—Tiny blonde adult star Cara Lott, a long-time Orange County resident, has died after a long battle with a debilitating disease. The 5-foot-4 star, who at her prime had weighed about 105 pounds, had shrunk to just 85 pounds in her last days. She was 56 years old.

"She was just like a nothing of a person in those final days," "Frank The Rat," a friend of hers, told AVN. "I would text her and she wouldn't text back, ask her if everything was okay and didn't hear back, and then this morning when I got to work, her sister used her phone to text me to let me know that she passed."

Cara's filmography is extensive, totaling more than 180 adult videos between 1981 and 2009, for companies ranging from the top producers at the time (VCA, Vivid, Caballero, CDI, Las Vegas Video, Arrow, Leisure Time/Venus 99) to lesser-known ones such as Atom, Select-A-Tape, Cadre and Bel-Air. In fact, it appears that at one time or another, Cara had worked at least once for almost every producer who put out a videotape in the '80s and early '90s. Dialogue was never her strong suit, and all-sex videos were her preferred genre—but within that, she did boy/girl, girl/girl, IR and even a few orgies.

Cara never sought publicity, but she was well-thought-of within the adult community by those who had worked with her, and in 2006, she was inducted into the AVN Hall of Fame.

"I met Cara Lott in the early '80s—probably '83, '84—and she was one of the performers that I actually requested to work with," recalled retired actress Ginger Lynn. "She was kind, she was funny, she was a bit of a nutjob; you just couldn't help but love her. I'm so sad to hear of her passing, and I will miss her terribly."

"I knew her, but I didn't know her well," Tom Byron said. "She got in the business a little before I did, and I worked with her a couple of times—she had these piercing blue eyes—and she was a pleasant person, nice to be around, and I don't think I ever saw her in a bad mood, but I never hung out with her."

"I remember her as being one of those women who was fun to work with," Ginger added. "In the industry, I found that there were people who were great to fuck but that I wouldn't want to hang out with, but Cara was one of those that made her way into your heart the first time you met her."

Cara had been a guest several times on the Sirius XM radio show that Lynn and Christy Canyon had hosted together, the last appearance being in 2008.

"She wasn't feeling well then, she wasn't doing great; she'd just had knee surgery," Ginger recalled. "But Cara came in, nonetheless, and I believe she had a van with a toilet in the back that she drove around, and she was in pain, but this wonderful woman showed up anyway and gave us one of the most amazing deep-throat technique workshops, with her one knee hanging to one side. She was just beautiful inside and out. She was sweet, she was kind... and she never gave a fuck what people thought about her."

Another famous Lynn who worked with Cara in the early days was Amber Lynn.

"Cara and I got into the industry at about the same time," Amber told AVN. "I recall that she told me she had some kind of heart condition around the same time that my brother Buck died, and she was close to him. Cara was definitely one of the unsung legends of our time. I worked with her on films, and she was an absolute treat and a joy to work with. She was petite, and a sexual spitfire, though you wouldn't know it to look at her. I was just sharing with a fan who was giving me his favorites in the adult industry, and he included both me and Cara Lott, saying that she was much too underrated for his tastes. I'm just sorry to hear we've lost another legend."

No plans for a memorial service for Cara Lott have yet been announced, but this article will be updated when they are.