Goddess Saffron Launches Online Slave Training Academy

LOS ANGELES—Many thought our lives had gone virtual even before 2020, but this year really took things to new extremes. Everything is online or it simply doesn’t exist: classes, shopping, award shows, business meetings, play dates — it’s our new normal, for the time being.

And what about the slaves? Enter Goddess Saffron, who can keep her devotees in line anywhere so long as they can get online and visit her website heObeys.com. The website is the first-of-its-kind online slave training academy and interactive slave workhouse. She has an astonishing 18 slave training courses, ranging from beginner through intermediate to advanced, each with real-life tasks and challenges, and she keeps coming up with more.

“Not only is heObeys.com an online slave training school, but it is a male ego reduction system,” Mistress Saffron explains. “The male ego is a hindrance to a slave, often distracting them from their true purpose. HeObeys.com is here to solve that problem. All slaves enroll with 100% male ego. With every act of servitude, a slave will slowly chip away at his male ego. The lower a male ego, the more privileges a slave will unlock.

“Privileges include my virtual 360-degree temple where slaves get daily worship instructions, photos of the day, direct priority access to me and more coming when I see fit. HeObeys.com also contains a growing slave community with monthly slave contests. It entertains me to see my army compete amongst themselves as to who is going to be this month’s top tributer, top gift buyer, top student, top clip buyer, even most loyal slave.”


Saffron was born in Warwickshire, England. Her aspiration was always to express her creative ability, though she had no idea that would lead to her current career. Her path included makeup artistry for film and TV, graphic design and web development, and eventually a photographer she worked with suggested fitness modeling.

“I felt shy, reserved and not sure if this was something I was comfortable with,” she says. “Then the photos were sent to me. I was amazed. I was this confident woman, expressing her creativity through modeling. Something changed in me. I knew I had found my niche.”

Soon she was on social media and within days she had hundreds of followers. Not long after she discovered latex.

“The high gloss, accentuating the curves of the female body was mesmerizing to me,” she says. “This gave me inspiration to shoot my very first latex photo shoot. The feedback was overwhelming. Due to my long legs and slim physique, I was able to wear and model this material in an elegant and artistic way. It became my second skin. There was no turning back.”

That image, she says, has ignited the submissive nature in many young males over the years. She says she had a natural ability to turn the average vanilla male into a devoted slave: “They crave it, they love it – they need it. Welcome to Goddess Saffron.”


By 2014, after much success in modeling and a fanbase made up mostly of submissive males, she decided to up the game and become a femdom content producer, and hand-in-hand with latex, she started the production of much-demanded femdom clips, aimed at the weakness of male slaves.

Prior to that she was only providing femdom live cam sessions for members, but she found that the opportunity to virtually kneel at her feet and lick her heels was an honor many craved. It opened her eyes to femdom hypnosis, which led her down the path of deeper knowledge into hypnotherapy. She started taking femdom hypnosis phone calls and she discovered that she had a voice for hypnotism.

“The number of repeat callers longing to hear my soothing English accent caress their submissive minds, increased by the day,” she says. “I had a natural skill that I was previously unaware of. I could hypnotize people simply by talking about anything I wanted to. They became mine.”

The men who crave her domination, she says, tend to come from professions that hold powerful positions. There are exceptions, like the “spat of slaves” who come from a variety of cultural religious backgrounds who crave Goddess Worship, which she calls “Saffronism.” She also noted that the age group of slaves is lowering. And, yes, she does accept female slaves, but notes that “they must imagine they have a penis.”

“More and more younger males are catching on to the thrill of femdom,” she says.


It is probably not surprising that heObeys.com training courses can be addictive. She says the first beginner course takes four days to complete and the number of daily lessons grows with each level of training. Her current 18 slave training courses include six each for beginners, intermediate and advanced.

“On each slave’s profile is a gauge of their current male ego. With every course he/she completes, their male ego is reduced. Each lesson is carefully designed to introduce a slave to femdom covering subjects such as worship, honesty, obedience, humility and love – however, completing courses is not the only way to reduce male ego,” Saffron says.

“With every act of servitude from buying clips, tributing, buying gifts, winning contests, signing up to my fan sites and even by promoting me, the male ego is reduced. Finally, he reaches 0% male ego. At this point it’s not over, as the slave begins a new journey of building up his devotion levels to 100%. Each slave has a log of his servitude and achievements.”

Some might ask what’s in it for the slave.

“A sense of ownership,” she says. “Knowing he is part of my ever-growing Queendom. Having me control his lifestyle by way of financial domination, chastity or any form of lifestyle change gives them purpose. A deep-down craving to hand over power to a femdom, rendering them helpless is one of the biggest thrills a slave can experience.”

Graduates of each level also receive a personalized slave training certificate as well as achievement badges which show the rest of Saffron’s slave army just how devoted he is. Most, however, will be satisfied to contribute to Goddess Saffron’s success in the femdom realm.

“I live a life of luxury. I have the big house, the luxury car, everything a girl could ever want. I remain fully clothed. I am always in control. I receive 100% respect from my fans and never have to do a hard day’s work. I have no boss. I never have to work 9-5. I am living the dream.”