Godado.It And Sex.Com Partner To Integrate Adults Search Results

International adult search engine Sex.Com and Godado.it, the first Web company to introduce the Pay Per Click and Pay Per Rank advertising model in the European market, has recently closed a strategic partnership deal. The partnership has been solidified and the last technical issues are being completed, with a launch date of around November 20th. 

"Godado.it is a great source of Italian traffic which does not tolerate child pornography or anything eluding to under age content,” said Mike Ulliman from Sex.com’s Business Development-Traffic department. “This is a strategic relationship because they are, in my opinion, the highest quality Italian search engine in Europe. They also have a great team that is very easy to work with."

In an attempt to create a search engine dedicated to adult search results, Godado launched GodadoEros.com in the Italian market more than three years ago. In doing so, the numerous Web surfers interested in the adult sector would have access to targeted Web pages for their needs. At the same time, surfers not interested in adult related results have the non-adult search engine at their disposal. Both adult and non-adult are distinctly separate areas, ensuring the safety of children who are risk-free from viewing a pop-up, a banner or a text link related to the adult area.

"The Italian market will react favorably because we will be able to offer more great, child-free porn, adult content,” noted Ulliman, “and Sex.Com's advertisers will love the new Italian traffic because of Godado's quality.”

“The public reacted well to this because they understand both Sex.Com's and Godado's commitment to putting an end to child pornography and other illegal content,” added Sex.com COO Steve Klopf.

Thanks to a complete list of Italian and English erotic terms, Godado also introduced a filter that is capable of blocking adult results by the use of a password. Additionally, Godado introduced an anti-child porn filter, which blocks ambiguous search results, whether directly or indirectly related to pedophilia or child pornography (videos, images and words too).

On each of GodadoEros.com’s results pages, there will be five Sex.com adult results in a specific area at the bottom of the page. All Sex.Com results are checked for illegal content using their strict code of ethics developed in conjunction with Adult Sites Against Child Pornography (ASACP).

“There is definitely an early release buzz as I am getting calls and emails from interested surfers and advertisers,” said Ullimen.

Godado chose to partner with Sex.Com not only because of the importance of their brand and targeted results, but also because they share the same philosophy about adult advertising: fighting all illegal pornography, child pornography, bestiality, unlicensed content, actual violence against women and other illegal or immoral acts.

"Both parties are very excited to be working together because of the 100 percent win-win partnership created,” said Ullimen. “Godado's surfers win by getting quality, child free listings and our advertisers win by getting great Italian traffic."