GMoney launched Version 2.0

GM Video introduces their new affiliate program, GMoney V2.0, to the public this week. Right now GMoney V2.0 features two high converting sites and, but there is more to come.

“We are very optimistic about GMoney V2.0,” Webmaster Jay.3 told AVN Online. “GM is serious about being one of the best affiliate programs in the adult industry. We already have very strong brand recognition in the adult video market and we are looking to expand our online operations with the same solid business practices that GM is already known for.”

By the end of November GMoney will have added two more sites, and and are dedicated to adding at least one site per month. Currently, is converting at 1/150-1/250 and offers $25 per signup or 50 percent recurring.

“GMoney Version 2.0 has been in development since just before Internext in August,” explained Jay.3. “There have been a lot of major changes with Version 2.0. One of the biggest and most important in my opinion is the tiered billing. What that means is that now instead of relying on just one of the major billing companies, we now have several options that are working behind the scenes. One of the major benefits for the affiliate is a higher sign up ratio, about 20 percent higher, and that is really significant. We also now are billing through checks and a dilaer for all of that international traffic. Some other major changes that have taken place are free hosted galleries, and a POTD program. 

“Due to the fact that we have incorporated a lot of new automated features that we used to have to do manually, we will be able to better adjust to customer needs. I can track where customers are going, what they are looking at, and how long they stay. All of this information along with our huge library of content will help me to give the customer what they are looking for. I want my customers to be happy, happy customers will stay longer and thus make the affiliate that referred them more money witch is what we all want.”

 In addition to Version 2.0, GMoney is also having a contest where they will be giving away a prepaid cell phone to all of our affiliates with at least 10 sales in one pay period (two weeks).

“We want everyone to know we are serious about customer service, so along with that cell phone, you will have access to my personal cell phone number. This way, customers can call me anytime, day or night, with any questions or concerns that you might have. I don't want Webmasters to have to just drop an email and wait for a response. I want affiliates to know they can call me and get me on the phone, be able to put a voice and a real person with that problem or request they might have. I really want Webmasters who are serious about promoting our sites to know that we are serious about doing business with them.”