Girls Gone Mild

Here in the beaming, neon glitterdome that is Las Vegas, many a porn starlet has arrived to strut her stuff here at the AVN Adult Expo. One of the biggest, most extravagant porn conferences in the world, the AVN Adult Expo is a veritable cornucopia of flesh, fantasy, and sexual deviances and devices. While many of the top names in the flesh game make the scene, vying for press, photos, fan adulation and business opportunities, other non-performers are also on hand to hock shwag, rep companies, and make connections. Many of these folks are locals brought in to show some skin and sell some products but have little interest in the world of porn, while others are ladies looking to catch their break in the biz or do some quality shmoozing. rnrn

Vanessa, who is working a novelty booth reping Topco, Doc Johnson Enterprises, Pipedream Productions, California Exotic Novelties, and others is a Chicago native who lives in Vegas now and is experiencing the Expo for the first time. "I like to do the different trade shows; they're fun and exciting." She explained that she is not really interested in getting into porn per se but finds it a fascinating world. "I got a call at 2 this morning from a friend of mine who is in porn and was told to be here at 9 and here I am. I thought it'd be cool and I'd get to make some connections. I think it's great for industry people but it's very entertaining to the public, too."rnrn

Cute little blonde Miranda Myers is also an Expo newbie. Hailing from Austin, TX, Miranda is a stripper who starred in a soft porn video collection of the Sugars Cabaret girls but has no interest in hardcore. "I'd like to meet some contacts out here that could help me get into more nude modeling for Playboy, Penthouse, and others. As far as being in movies, I'll do some girl on girl stuff or soft porn but don't want to do hardcore. I do NOT want to get fucked in the ass! Mainly I just want to get into Playboy, so hopefully this will help."rnrn

Games, which also runs the underground hip hop record label Game and recently unveiled a line of rap-themed porn DVDs, employed the talents of two luscious gals, Kai and Aliyah (pictured above). Though they certainly are attractive enough to be either porn stars or strippers, neither girl is in the business. Aliyah, a Marketing and PR executive, had visited the Expo as a fan once, while Kai, a nurse, is an Expo virgin. Though both appear in the first edition of Games Crib's Hip Hop Honeys DVD, and have appeared in Playboy videos, they do not expect the Expo to help launch their career in porn. "No waaaay," they simultaneously exclaimed when asked. "We just want to have fun and meet people," Aliyah told Fair enough.rnrn

Jacee Jule is here with, a head massager producer, but has little interest in the porn game. "I like some porn but I don't want to get involved. I'm not interested, but I'm not opposed to it either. I'm just here to support, but I think it's a lot of fun and you get to meet lots of new people."rnrn

Reno native Tricia Russell is a spokesmodel for Ecstasy products, an herbal supplement for drugs, and like Jacee and the Game girls has no interest in getting into porn. "Since the whole convention is about sex, pleasure and having a good time, our products fit right in as we are a natural alternative to doing drugs and partying. We enhance you pleasure, which is kind of what this whole thing is about. In fact, I got this gig by meeting Chris Rogers from Ecstasy at another convention last year." That just goes to show you how these adult conventions can connect people, further careers, or just provide folks with a damn good time.