Gina Lynn Shopping Reality Series

CHATSWORTH, Calif. — Popular XXX star Gina Lynn and husband Travis Knight are currently shopping a reality series to major networks.

Created by Knight and producer/director Sean Pomper, "Gina Lynn on Top With Travis Knight" has been in production for six months. Since leaking a teaser trailer for the show online, Lynn and her partners say they have received interest from fans and prospective buyers alike.

"We leaked the trailer out just for kicks, and now the phone's ringing," Pomper told AVN. "And we weren't ready — we wanted to finish the whole season before we talked to anyone. It just shows you what kind of star quality she has."

Pomper said he "fell in love" with the couple from the first time he met them.

"They're not who you think," said the director. "The two of them are great characters, they get along very well; you can tell that they're truly in love, which is beautiful, and it's a phenomenal part of the story. It's a great story, and it's a great reality show."

"A lot of people never really catch behind the scenes of what's really going on with these girls," said Knight. "There's so much more to it than what people portray. Not all of them are all fucked up. Gina's always been positive with most of the stuff she does, and I think people can see that. People can relate to her, she's good with her fans and the public."

That appeal is sure to help move copies of Lynn's latest star vehicle, The Interactive Gina Lynn from Jules Jordan Video and Chris Streams Productions. Streeting Thursday, the title is packed onto two discs, presented in a highly innovative fold-out box, and is being touted as "six interactive movies in one."

Explained Lynn herself, "I had a different look and different location each day, and I did six of the same guys each day, starting with my internal popshot with my husband, through everything that you could imagine: cum on the tits, cum swallowing, cum on my face, doggie style, cowgirl, missionary, and a little striptease for each scenario each day. Twelve- to 14-hour days. That was a crazy week for me. I've never worked so hard in my whole adult career!"

Director Streams, she said, "had every little detail planned out to the 't,' exactly what he wanted. Every popshot was real, every single one. And actually, the last day was interracial, and that's never been done before."

There's also some girl/girl action and a double b.j. scene with Francesca Lé, and according to Lynn, "There's no other [interactive] that can compare to it. They just went all out. Jules Jordan said he watched it and it's really hot, and he's really critical, so I value his opinion."

To check out the trailer for The Interactive Gina Lynn, go to, and for the "Gina Lynn on Top" teaser, visit Lynn's MySpace page at