Gina Lynn Returns to 'The Sopranos'

CHATSWORTH, Calif. – Starlet Gina Lynn has just completed two days of shooting for the upcoming season of "The Sopranos." Lynn reprised her recurring speaking role as a dancer at the Bada Bing. The starlet and Gina Lynn Productions co-owner has been appearing periodically on the show since the fourth season.

The upcoming episodes with Lynn will be for the second half of the show’s sixth, and final, season, airing in January.

Though she was restricted by the show from revealing too much, Lynn told that her latest material for the show saw her involved with a newly introduced male character inside the famous strip club. “They purposely paired me up with him…and I was happy to hear that he was a fan of mine. The scene was also a lot dirtier than my past stuff for them. 

“The hours were really long, but this was definitely the best time shooting with them yet,” Lynn told “I got lots of one on one time with the other actors…they’re great.

“The director was very nice, and I was so excited they called me back for the role.”

Gina Lynn’s next feature will be Drowning in Bitch Juice, which is set to hit streets on Nov. 16. The title will mark the first for Lynn and Gina Lynn Productions move to distribute its own titles.

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