Gina Lynn Motorsports Launches

MIDDLETOWN, N.Y. - Starlet Gina Lynn has launched Gina Lynn Motorsports. According to Lynn, she has long been interested in racing, and specifically loves monster trucks.

"I've been racing since I was only 13 years old," explained Gina Lynn Motosports Vice President, Scott Allen. "When I met Gina, she expressed an interest in racing and we started discussing the possibilities of working together. Things really jumped into high gear in March. We began getting it together and everything fell into place from there. We are all very excited."

The Gina Lynn monster truck was unveiled last week at the Orange County Fairgrounds in New York. Lynn drove the truck out herself for the pre-race festivities. The imposing vehicle stands 13 feet tall, with tires that are 66" high, and has 1,500 horse power.

"I had an awesome time driving the truck and then watching them jump," said Lynn. "I was so excited that I almost cried when I drove it all by myself out for the pre-race presentation. The crowd went crazy cheering for me. I thanked the crowd for their enthusiastic response and drove the truck off to the pits. It was a little scary with all of the other drivers watching me, but I made it through. I know I need a lot more time behind the wheel before I'm ready to drive over some cars, but I can't wait."

Lynn said that when she is finished with her training, she will be able to race against other trucks and perform in free style competitions.

"The freestyle shows are great," said Lynn. "You go out for two minutes in front of the judges and crush cars, do wheelies and try to put on a great show. It is going to be a blast."

"Gina is taking this very seriously," added Allen. "She is outfitted just like any other driver…in a firesuit, full-face helmet, head and neck restraint, the whole package. The way she's driving, it shouldn't take her too long at all. Now that she has driven the truck, she is very excited and wants to learn how to do it all. We are confident that it will only take a few more sessions before she's ready to go."

The truck will be on display during Lynn's two-day feature dance appearance at Rockstar in Wolcott, CT , August 17 and 18.