Gina Lynn Flies Solo On the Web

Gina Lynn, blond and buxom star from the wilds of New Jersey, has launched an all-new

"I've completely taken over my own site," Lynn said. "Without Playboy or without ClubJenna. I'm doing everything on my own. I know what my fans want to see."

The revamped site, which has been up since mid-January, is taking off according to Lynn. "The members are just pouring in," she said. "It's crazy!"

Lynn also says that she's taking an active role in the site's maintenance. "Before, I wasn't great on the upkeep. I had no incentive," she said. "The site was just doing average numbers before, but now I'm just so excited."

Fans can look for, among other things, live cam shows with Lynn and her guests. "I can't wait for my first show," she enthused.

Business-wise, Lynn said that taking over her site was a move she'd recommend to others. "I think it's what all girls should do," she said.

Asked if she could describe what subscribers will be in for, Lynn was quick to respond: "Glamour gonzo! I'll be putting out two movies a month, and all the content I shoot of myself and of other girls is going straight to the website."

While Lynn will be offering different rates for varying membership packages, the basic 30-day recurring membership will cost $24.95.

Lynn urged her fans to check out the new site. "Anybody who goes there is going to be impressed," she said. "There's an extensive tour and hardcore video footage that previews what you'll get inside. It's, like, bam! In your face."

And, really, who wouldn't want a faceful of Gina Lynn?