Gina Lynn Celebrates <I>8 Mile</I> DVD Release

Earlier this week Pleasure Productions contract-performer, Gina Lynn, celebrated the DVD release of Eminem's movie 8 Mile at the popular Manhattan nightspot Flow.

The DVD was reportedly embraced by fans to the tune of $40 million on its first day of release. Arriving in a stretch-Hummer, Lynn was outfitted in leather from designer Anton.

Aside from an abundance of adult media, mainstream celebrities and media were also in attendance. Celebrity sightings included Al Leiter and Mike Stanton from The Mets', recording artist Wyclef Jean, Dean Winters from HBO's OZ and singer Samantha Cole. A performance by rap-artist Kurtis Blow brought the crowd to a dancing frenzy late into the night.

"Everyone had a wild and fun time. I am grateful to all who came and supported the event! Special thanks to Pleasure and California Exotics for items in the gift bags." said a smiling Gina Lynn.