Gina Lynn Appears in <i>Survive This!</i>

Adult performer Gina Lynn adds another mainstream credit to her resume in the horror/action movie Survive This, an independent production from New York-based Raging Nation Films.

Directed by Dale Resteghini and Edward Wahl, Survive This involves a reality TV crew stranded on an island of terror. Lynn makes a bikini-clad cameo ("as herself") with Jill Nicolini in an erotic fantasy sequence.

Survive This was shot in 2005 and is now being released to DVD. A tie-in comic book is also in the works. Resteghini, who also stars in the movie, has directed music videos for Anthrax and Fear Factory, as well as a string of low-budget urban genre features including Da Hip Hop Witch and Urban Massacre

Lynn's other mainstream credits include episodes of HBO's The Sopranos (as a Bada Bing dancer) and Eminem's "Superman" music video. 

A trailer for Survive This can be found on the movie's official website.