Gina Lynn, Alexis Amore Suit Up with Super Bowl Body Paint

The whole country was in a Super Bowl frenzy over the weekend, but few parties could have matched the sheer visual impact of porn starlets Gina Lynn and Alexis Amore at the Atlantic City House of Blues. The two starlets' bodies were painted to represent the teams battling it out in Sunday's game.

"We each got painted up. I was a Colt (thank God they won), and she was a Chicago Bear," said Lynn.

Along with painting the girls, the House of Blues party included a half time "punt, pass and kick" contest. According to Lynn, "Whoever caught the football, we signed it and they also got a free DVD."

Lynn was pleased with the resulting artwork. "His name," she said of the artist, "is Joe Platia. He did a fantastic job."

Lynn also described the attendance as "huge." She went on to note that although it was private event, "The turnout was amazing."

In addition to providing football fans with something to do on game day, the event was also held to promote Gina Lynn Productions' Double Ds and Derrieres

Pictured: Gina Lynn, Joe Platia and Alexis Amore.