Gigglesworld Launches New Look, Marketing Initiative

Sex toy retailer has been revamped and revitalized with a new look for the New Year.

Established in 1998, the sex shop has been on the receiving end of both a long-awaited makeover and a mainstream marketing campaign.

“The new look is modern, frisky, and fun,” says Tim Serino, owner of the Gigglesworld adult novelty stores. “It reflects our belief that even the best sexual relationships can be enhanced through romantic play.”

Fresh faces, new animation, and improved graphics highlight Giggle’s new look, but the improvements don’t stop there. The Gigglesworld re-launch also features enhanced search capabilities, detailed product descriptions, and product recommendations. Mainstream radio and television commercials have also been released to compliment the website’s new look and promote the company’s three offline stores located in New York. Serino expects to continue the marketing campaign during the coming months in order to reach both local and national audiences.