GigaCash Launches Discount Program And New Pay Sites announced the addition of 17 new sites to their family of converting pay sites. These sites are being offered at a discounted pricing model where members can gain unlimited access for only $9.95 per month, with a $25 commission paid on each referred sale.

"A couple of programs came out with a new pricing model and we felt it was a pretty innovative way of still billing surfers but retaining them for longer," GigaCash president Alec Helmy told "It's all about longer retention and lower chargebacks and credits."

GigaCash hopes to reduce chargebacks by lowering their billing to only $9.95, a quarter of their previous standard monthly billing rate of $40.

Among the 17 new Websites being offered are and

"The top quality content, cutting edge design, and attractive price point make these sites an easy sale; and with their 'chargeback proof' price point, retentions are outstanding," Helmy stated.

"Everyone is very concerned about proactively trying to lower their credits and chargebacks, so this was the next best move," Helmy added. "The leaders in the business are trying to find new ways to attract surfers who have been saturated to death with standard porn. So people want to put out content that is new, original, and catchy with new scenes and exclusive content. Everyone is trying to be as different from one another as possible.”