GFY Hits 10 Million

The adult online industry’s current king message board GoFuckYourself surpassed 10 million posts yesterday afternoon.

Spoff made the milestone post, and those who launched the board back in November of 2000 were understandably excited about it.

“If you look at when we started and where we are today, this is huge. It takes a lot of work and many people have sacrificed a lot,” says Marketing Director Eric Matis. “With this type of activity, you have a lot of pressure. On top of that, you can at times become a large target. We have had plenty of issues with hackers and haters. We deal with each in [its] own way.”

GFY was the brainchild of’s Joe Lensman and former employees Wizzo and Tanker.

Matis came on board in May of 2001.

“In the beginning, we saw some good legs and found it growing very quickly,” he says. “We have to thank the posters for that part. From there, it just became word-of-mouth and consistent branding that created the explosion.”

What’s next? A little bit of this; a little bit of that.

“The past, present, and future are all very similar,” Matis says. “There is a consistent evolution. When I first got here five-plus years ago, it was all about changing and adapting. That is still true today. You will see some major changes to GFY in the near future, mainly aesthetic changes. Other than that, it is a matter of giving people a place to do business, let loose a little, and most of all express themselves and use their freedom of speech and expression to the fullest.”