Get Your Kicks on 'Route 66'

LOS ANGELES - Penthouse Digital and Pulse Distribution have released Route 66, a plot-driven feature directed by Kelly Holland and starring Katerina Kat and Jack Venice. Partially shot in a desert motel Holland describes as "a mixture of movie set/hooker hotel/drug stop," the movie centers on two small-time hoods on the lam.

"The desert is always a challenge, and the hotel location was where life and art collided," Holland told AVN. "We had a few sunburns in the desert - never fun when you have to have sex - and more than a few drive-ups at the hotel trying to solicit the actresses. We needed an extra PA to keep the civilians at bay."

Despite the challenges, Holland never reconsidered the desert shoot. "I wanted to create a Natural Born Killers type of feel; characters on a lost road trip," explained Holland. "This is the story of two renegades on the run.  They're trying to get lost in America."

Holland viewed Route 66, the historic U.S. highway, as a metaphor for her story. "Route 66 is the lost highway of American culture-the route that's gone off the map. It's become a shorthand cultural reference for a place where anything can happen-rules do not apply. I think in erotica that's the place you want your characters to get to and that's the place you want to transport your viewers to."

Route 66 costars Renae Cruz, Holly West, Nikki Kane, Mia Smiles, Grant Michaels, Charles Dera, Justin Magnum, and Nick Manning.

The DVD also features a bonus anal sex scene starring Kasey Kroft and Eric Everhard taken from the Penthouse Digital feature Sex to Die For.

Route 66 is available now.

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