Get the Party Started

Thursday night kicked off in typical Internext fashion with a couple of packed-in parties and ended with the arrival of the police.

The third Qfest, put on by PrideBucks, in the Venetian penthouse brought in the gay crowd with models, a live shoot, and plenty of booze. The suite was full from almost the moment the doors opened for attendees and stayed that was until well after midnight.

“I wanted to find inspiration for a great 2006,” says John Marsh, owner of “I always feel like these events get me all charged up and give me energy for the new year.”

Meanwhile, across town the GFY warm-up party, thrown by PussyCash and CECash filled up a house miles from the strip. It ended about 12:00 though when the police showed up, which seemed to be the plan all along.

When I asked GFY marketing director Eric Matis at 10:00 how long he was staying at the party, he simply replied, “until the cops come.”

Of course, everyone found other venues to continue their debaucherous activities, namely the Venetian’s Cirle Bar, where just about everyone ended the night.

And so the show is underway and if you’re reading this, you’re probably missing out.