Georgina Spelvin Faces the Wrath of Warner

LOS ANGELES—We're guessing there isn't an adult in America—even the rabid churchgoers—who doesn't know who Georgina Spelvin is. Her list of XXX titles, as chronicled on the Internet Adult Film Database, is legion... but like many adult stars, she also managed to land roles in two mainstream films, Police Academy 1 and 3.

And while we don't remember that first Police Academy well—seriously, who'd watch that thing twice?—we recall Georgina's scene pretty well: The fledgling police officers, led by Steve Guttenberg, decide to surprise their chief, played by George Gains, by secreting Georgina under the podium from which he's about to address the troops and having her blow him while he's speaking.

It's a clip worth seeing... but you'll have to buy or rent the movie in order to do so, because Warner Bros., which owns the property, is being very proprietary about online posting of its material, even when the person posting it is actually in the scene itself, and even though the clip is short enough that it might be covered by the "fair use" doctrine.

"Hullo family, friends, and fellow-travelers," wrote Ms. Spelvin in an email message sent to fans this morning. "Just got notice that by posting a clip—available to any and all on You Tube—on my website,, I have stepped on Warner Brother's toes. Why they would not want as much 'ink' as they can get, I donno.

"However, if you want to view it or send it to friends to view, you have to now go directly to the link—which is found on Google, of course—as given here," she continued. "PS. It's not a real blow job, just a joke. It will no longer be accessible through my web site. So much for ancient history preservation, I guess.


"Georgina Spelvin

"This is to notify you that we have removed access to your video, Police Academy (1984): The Podium Blow Job Scene, as a result of a notification by Warner Bros. claiming that this material is infringing."

Sadly, a search of YouTube shows that several links now show only the message, "This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by Warner Bros.."

Just another case of a big corporation stomping on the little guy, er, girl—but on the plus side, Spelvin's autobiography, The Devil Made Me Do It, is now available electronically on Kindle as well as in paperback—and rest assured, it's a great read from one of XXX's truly great ladies.

Pictured: Steven Guttenberg and Georgina Spelvin in a publicity photo for Police Academy.