Gentlemen's Video Crashes the Net With X-Rated Niches

PORN VALLEY—All right; everyone knows Gentlemen’s Video’s 30-year rep as a niche/specialty video company, but who knew that partnering with to launch their internet debut,, would lead them to go after the Sally Rand fan base?

“It’s kind of like if you look into a fish tank and you see a bunch of fish swimming around,” analogized Gentlemen's Video marketing manager Brett Reisner. “But then you look over in that corner and you know how you can see that one little rock that catches your eye and you become very interested in that rock? That’s why one of our sites is women and balloons, because let me tell you, there’s a very loyal following of women and balloons.”

Who knew? After all, fan dancer Sally Rand did wow crowds back in the 1930s by using a giant balloon to hide her nudity, but who'd a thunk modern porn fans would be interested in that niche?

But it's Gentlemen’s knowledge of the fetish community that convinced ASP to partner with them.

“Brett and I have been friends for a long time, and I think Brett’s one of the industry leaders,” said company president “ASP Albert.” Gentlemen’s Video knows “niche-specific content backwards and forwards, and we know how to monetize that content on the internet. Plus, we know there's enough of a demand for that material that we can easily enter the market with it. So they’ve found this partnership to be a very synergistic means to do business together.”

AVN was allowed to be present for the shooting of a promotional video for the site, which will begin by featuring seven niche interests: MILFs, women with balloons, women with strap-ons, East Indian women, squirting, foot worship, and the focus of today’s scene, young woman/older woman.

The action begins with popular MILF Darryl Hanah passed out on the couch after a night of carnal pleasure, when her young pal Tessa Taylor wakes her up to go to a party.

“You’re not ready!” exclaims Tessa, but it’s clear that Darryl’s interested in more horizontal action.

“Don’t you just want to stay in tonight?” asks Darryl, easing down the top of Tessa’s dress and licking her tits.

Within moments, Tessa’s dress and panties are lying on the floor and Darryl is kissing her deeply while running her fingers over Tessa’s labia. Soon, both gals have had their turn at muff munching, so Tessa pulls out her dildo and quickly brings Darryl to orgasm ... then sits on Darryl’s face as the older blonde furiously fingers her own clit. After a mutual finger-fucking, Darryl licks Tessa’s pussy, then wraps her lips around the dildo and plunges Tessa’s pussy with it, leading Tessa to scream with delight. More finger-fucking and a deep tongue kiss end the scene.

Readers can check out the action now at