Gentlemen After Dark: The Men Behind The Women At Digital G

- In this day and age of gonzo, bukkake, and butt bongs, it's downright refreshing to find a pornographer with a sense of taste and restraint. Unlike much of his peers, Digital G is not trying to outdo the competition in a fit of filth and humiliation, as they are aiming for couples that enjoy tasteful, foreplay-oriented porn.

"We don't do anything that degrades females," says Robert Lombard, Director of Talent and Marketing. "We do features, or 'featurettes' as we call them. We're into foreplay, sexuality, romance and kissing before we get into the sex."

In business since 2000, Digital G has been churning out a steady flow of starring the likes of Jessica Drake, Ava Vincent, Syren, Nicole Sheridan, Monica Mayhem, and Dru Berrymore.

With nine completed titles - including Sexual Fantasy, Club Fantasy, Hooking (due in June), and Jessica's Place (July) - Digital G is off and running in the porn race, and with a team like this, they are a sure thing for bettin' types. The Digital G players are Lombard, CEO/Executive Producer Andrew Taylor, and in-house director Allan Lee, all of whom came from mainstream.

"We approach the shoots like real mainstream movies. No one has problems on my sets and everyone wants to return. At the end of the day they all leave with a very positive vibe."

That positivity is paying off. Having secured a domestic U.S. distribution deal with Scarlet Tower Distribution and foreign distribution deal with Coastline Licensing International, Inc., Digital G seems to be well on its way.

"What we're brining to the table is Andrew's background in video game development and packaging plus my background in marketing, sales and the relationships I've built. I'm known for crossing these girls over into softcore, HBO and Cinemax." Lumbard also doubles as an in-house director for one of the largest providers of softcore titles in the world, Mainline Releasing.

"We do not have contract girls," clarifies Lombard. "What we provide is non-exclusive pay or play contracts. We hire them for a certain amount of production days and scenes and they guaranteed a certain amount of money."

If Lombard has a knack for knowing what the performers are looking for in a company it's because he doubles as the talent coordinator.

"What I look for is the personality of the girl, a combination of implants and natural, that they are comfortable with their sexuality and are not into this business just for the money. Age is not a factor. I would prefer not to shoot someone that's 18. I like to look at girls 21 and over."

"Pornography is pornography. I just want to bring a different light to it. I'm not here to change the world or reinvent the wheel. I just want give the talent the respect that's due."

Respect? Scruples? A pornographer with a moral code... now I've heard everything.

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