Gen Padova Makes Directorial Debut For SkinTight

Performer Gen Padova has made her directorial debut in SkinTight Pictures’ Revenge Of The Butt’Er Face, an off-beat comedy about the facially challenged yet still sexy women in this world of ours.

“It was so much fun,” Padova told of directing the production. “The entire day just ended up as one big joke with constant laughing. People have to understand that true butt’er faces have great personalities that override their actual images.”

SkinTight co-founder Grip Johnson said of the concept of turning “ugly” chicks into a fetish, “Real women just don’t look like Briana Banks. That’s been our battle cry forever. With Gen, anything that’s totally weird, she’ll latch on to.”

A continuation of SkinTight’s Butt’Er Face series, Padova plays the lead, telling the story of how working for SkinTight has destroyed her porn career.

“In this, I have so much anger inside of me that I want to get back at Cram and Grip Johnson for making my life a living hell. It’s really funny,” Padova said. “I got to use my own ideas and creations in making this and it’s finally a time that I can make it all my own.”

Revenge Of The Butt’Er Face is the first SkinTight production not directed by one of the Johnson brothers.

“We hope this will be her springboard for directing for Vivid,” Johnson said. “Gen’s one of the chicks who would actually take control. A lot of the women directors, I don’t know how much input they actually get to have. Gen will actually do the work and we only butted heads with her a couple of times, so that’s good.”

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