Gazzman Set to Rock Harmony in 2008

LAS VEGAS – The setting was Vegas swank: Morton’s Steakhouse somewhere off the strip. The drinks flowed and the food was magnificent. The reason for the gathering was a sort of reintroduction of the Harmony Films video brand to the press. It was a great way to go. Something about the combination of steak and bourbon makes people pay attention.

Scottish director Gazzman is Harmony's head of production. “I want to be a media whore and be so far up the American press’s ass that I can’t see daylight," he said. “I really want to reach out to the fans and the press to see what people really want. I always listen. My ear is always to the wire.”

Harmony is registering positively with fans and critics alike with such titles as The Initiation of Nikki Jayne, Young Harlots, Fuck Me and Tanya Hyde - Deviant. Director Dave West of London-based Porn Week has taken over the label's Slam It line and plans to shoot upcoming series volumes in the States.

Harmony is doing well for its U.S. distributor, Evil Angel, according to EA general manager Chris Norman. “It’s a product we’ve had for two years now, and it’s starting to do well for us," Norman told AVN. "The directors are molding themselves to an Evil Angel style. They’re doing a lot with their product and growing it. It’s a great company with solid sales.”

Pictured: Gazzman with performer Sasha Grey