GayWideWebmasters Launches Browser Toolbar

GA Media, the parent company of GayWideWebmasters, has introduced the Gay Webmaster Toolbar, a tool designed to allow webmasters actively targeting the gay marketplace to navigate industry information from a single browser window.

Webmasters can find resources, including community forums, online statistics, news (including GAYVN), and information directly in the Gay Webmaster Toolbar without combing browser history or bookmarks.

The Gay Webmaster Toolbar follows the company’s similar Adult Webmaster Toolbar, which was launched three years ago.

“The Gay Webmaster Toolbar has been developed with the adult webmaster in mind,” says Lee Windsor, chief operations officer for GA Media Corporation. “We discussed the features with our test group to see if a tool like this would be used and what features they wanted the toolbar to have. This is all about the gay marketer, so we have included quick links to popular gay marketing forums, program stats pages they decided on, as well as news and information they look for. The Gay Webmaster Toolbar unites the gay adult webmaster community like never before and, attaches it to the webmasters browser window, unobtrusively.”

At present, the Gay Webmaster Toolbar works solely with Internet Explorer; however, within the next few weeks a version for the Firefox browser will be available.