Takes Community to Another Level

AlleyBucks founder John Paul has launched, a gay online adult industry community site.

The site builds on the webmaster forum idea. In addition to a forum, it also includes other features: photo albums, resident journals, an arcade, and a “house” for each member, where he or she can display his or her avatar, picture, and any number of facts and statistics.

Each “house” serves as a highly visible point of presence for sponsors, webmasters, producers, designers, models, and consultants working in gay adult entertainment. Each individual has the freedom to market himself or his companies from within his own home and to network with other members of the community.

“GayMainStreet is not a gated community. Anyone can establish a presence on its streets, and I encourage all members of the industry to move in,” says Paul.

The community also serves as a hub for news and information and gathers the latest posts from webmaster forums like GayWideWebmasters, TripleXGay, and Unity360. Paul says the site is not meant to be a replacement for any established resource, merely a complement.

“It is not our goal to replace any of the valued resources already established,” he says. “The goal of GayMainStreet is to enhance their visibility by offering a central point of presence for everything that is and represents the gay adult entertainment industry.”