Gamma Announces Distribution Deal With Grooby

MONTREAL—Gamma Broadcast Group, Inc. on Tuesday announced the signing of an exclusive broadcasting deal with leading transsexual adult movie producer and website owner, Grooby, for worldwide distribution of its high-end original content. This exclusive new broadcasting deal will see new movies delivered monthly for the Gamma Broadcast Group, Inc.’s worldwide broadcasting service.
“In the adult broadcasting world, transsexual content is one of the most popular selling genres today” said Michael H. Klein, head of broadcasting & licensing at Gamma Entertainment. “To be able to have the content from Grooby is very exciting for us since they clearly are the leaders in that field as evident by all the awards and accolades they receive every year.”
The popular studio with accompanying subscription sites will provide a consistent stream of their latest high-end erotica with new movies updated to the broadcasting service on a regular basis.
“We’ve worked with Gamma over many years on a variety of successful ventures, so when Michael approached us it seemed an ideal match” said Steven Grooby, founder. “As one of the largest adult companies, and with Michael’s background, Gamma has a presence and can reach markets that we are unable to find. I believe our content is the best in the world in the trans market and I look forward to seeing what we can do together."