GameLink Launches New Partners Portal

Online retailer has launched a new partners portal site,

The portal showcases GameLink’s complete suite of out-of-the-box custom stores, Web analytics, and traffic stats for prospective and current GameLink partners.

The portal also offers partners four types of custom stores: niche, co-branded, porn star, and studio.

“We wanted to get the message across that GameLink Partners is all about custom store solutions. Our stores are designed to convert your traffic whether it’s niche, porn-star, or studio specific,” says Lyndi Buchanan,’s webmaster program manager. “Not only do our partners define the type of content they want on their site, but with our traffic stats they also get to analyze top-referring URLs, view what their traffic is searching on within their store, optimize links, and make more money.”

With the launch of the portal, GameLink continues a string of major upgrades, including a new user interface and a search tool.