G.S.M.C. Inc. Launches Internet Marketing Shop – GlobalVIPTraffic.com

G.S.M.C. Inc. has launched GlobalVIPTraffic.com, a marketing venture billed as offering nearly every Internet marketing option available.

Services include pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns, PPC campaign management, contextual advertising, keyword traffic, pay-per-view traffic, website design, search-engine optimization, 404 redirect traffic, expired domain traffic, global traffic, casino traffic, adult traffic, banner traffic, opt-in email, free link and banner exchanges, natural listings, conversion consulting, and press releases.

“Whether you are a sole proprietorship or a major corporation employing hundreds of employees, the Internet has evened the playing field in selling your products or services,” says Joe Perez, sales and marketing director for GlobalVIPTraffic.com “Internet marketing has become the most cost-effective and diverse form of advertising to date.”

G.S.M.C. Inc. has been testing many different Internet marketing campaigns and numerous software development firms for more than two years, developing an alliance of targeted campaign facilitators that generated the best results in each field, the company says. Research also was conducted on user reactions to the various forms of Internet advertising for long-term propensity and responsiveness. In addition, the company created traffic-analysis and click-fraud protection software.

Steve Paled, president and chief executive of G.S.M.C. Inc., has invested more than $2.1 million in website creation and Internet marketing.

“As an owner of over 250 websites, I realized how important quality traffic is for success,” Paled says. “I created GlobalVIPTraffic.com not only as the driving force behind my enterprise, but a full-service Internet marketing firm that has all the best proven services available worldwide. Using cutting-edge technology, it allows us to monitor each account to insure that the specific traffic purchased is delivered within the time frame promised and protected from click fraud.”