FYA Launches New Media Interface

FYA Independent has launched a new media interface that owner Mike Bushler and marketing guru Michael McClay believe will revolutionize the way the adult press and consumers gain access to the company's PR and screeners.

The new interface will, according to McClay, make the press's job of acquiring materials needed for reviews, features and press releases much smoother and eliminate the need to contact producers.

When asked why he chose this route, Bushler said, "I've always been in the media, developing websites for other people; I know what it's like to have to get information. When I started FYA, I wanted it to be simple to get information. With the Press Room part of the site, I want anybody to be able to access what they need." 

However, Bushler is not limiting the interface to the adult media. It's also open to consumers. As he explained, "The other part of the site for the consumers came about because I wanted something that looked good and so that the consumer could kind of see what we're doing. So I've set things up both ways: for the press and for the consumer. I'm trying to keep both happy." 

So far, Bushler said the feedback has been positive. "I've gotten a lot of compliments," he said. "I've gotten phone calls from a number of different publications that said, 'Oh, you've made my life so much easier!"

Bushler anticipates that his model will eventually be embraced by others as well. "I know that this thing will be copied in no time at all, "he said. "But I wanted to be the first one out there doing it." 

Bushler also talked about the humor he's bringing to the site via two characters named Fhranze and Yawnie. As Bushler explained, "They're two characters who represent the company, our creative team. They're these two absolutely insane people. They're very glitzy-type people. People will always remember them. We're putting up a whole area for fun. A sort of diary of Fhranze and Yawnie."

And here you thought technocrats had no sense of humor.