Fun Is First: Interview with Elegant Angel Director Mimefreak

This article originally ran in the April 2014 issue of AVN magazine in a series of interviews with Elegant Angel Productions directors. Click here to see the online digital edition.

Mimefreak's low profile is deliberate. "What does a mime do? He entertains without speaking, and you don't know who the mime is, because they're covered. As a director, I wanted to shield my identity. I don't give a fuck about pictures [of me], because it's an artwork, and it's a form of art that I love. I don't need the limelight, I don't need to be at every party and red carpet event, that's not what's important to me. In the porn world, I was told one rule: 'If the bosses aren't at the party, you don't need to be there.'"

He has been in the industry for a while, doing "everything, except for fucking." He impressed Chris Streams when he was working in retail and sold Streams and two other customers some $3,000 worth of linens at the same time. "I went up a 20-foot ladder and was throwing blankets just to get the job done. ... He brought me in, put a camera in my hand and said, 'Let's see what you can do.' I was doing BTS for him."

He gets a lot of input from social media, and says he spends four to five hours a day interacting with it. "I'm on Twitter, Vine, every social media. Everybody's a scout. And they know that I listen to everybody. Every fan gets replied to, every person that says 'I want to shoot for you' gets replied to." He also looks at the message behind the message in social media posts: "You know who's really about this life and who's not. The girls who build the mystery, those are the ones that I want. The girl who's putting her pussy up there, and is sucking dick, is putting out the wrong message. This is a business. And if you can't conduct yourself as a business person, I can't have you as a part of this brand. Blowing a PA in the bathroom, that's not the type of shit we do here.

"I talk to fans about what they think is hot. And 75 percent of the shit they come up with is kinda scary. I couldn't shoot that stuff. But I had one guy say, 'You should have a girl eat cum out of the palm of a guy's hand.' And I was like, 'Ho-ly shit. That is sexy.' I said OK, I can do that. That's sexy, to have a girl on her knees begging for cum and the guy cums and they just eat it. I got that from a fan."

What does he like to see? "Sweaty sex. I noticed in scenes that the pussy was dry, it just wasn't natural. If the people aren’t into it, why shoot it? I'm not going to be able to jerk off and pop my load if I see two people fucking and it's dry. That pussy needs to be juicy, there needs to be spit, I need sweat, I really want to see passionate fucking. I don't need lovemaking. I want to see something sexy and something natural, not that make-believe shit. Pairing people who really don't like each other, just doing it for the paycheck. Fuck that. Paycheck is secondary. Fun is first.

"My style is as raw as possible. A lot of people are too technical when it comes to porn. When it comes to gonzo, I don't think you need to be technical at all. You need to go straight to the point, and fuck, and have fun. Being too technical is what hurt this industry. Let the people fuck, let them be professional."

Above, Maddy O’Reilly and Mimefreak at AEE, where Elegant Angel announced O'Reilly as the new Slutwoman. Photo by Rick Garcia/@IndustryByRick