Full-On Video Launches DRM Leased Feeds

Download and streaming-movie content provider Full-On Video has released a series of digital rights management-enabled leased feeds. Full-On Video claims it is the only leased content provider to integrate DRM for its webmaster clients.

Full-On Video’s high-definition DVD Mega Feed is the first feed to be offered with the DRM mechanism.

“This idea grew from a conversation we had with a large affiliate owner who felt that content would truly be king if it was able to provide a forceful but unobtrusive way to encourage members to stay on for another month,” says JMK, Full-On Video’s founder.

Full-On Video Reloaded with DRM attempts to make sure that once the surfer downloads a full-length movie from its library, they’ll come back to that site. The DRM mechanism issues a license after the initial download that allocates the surfer a predetermined span of time for viewing the movie. Upon license expiration, the surfer is automatically prompted to return to the specific member site from which he downloaded the movie in order to have the license extended. The process repeats itself as long as the member wants to play the video. Even if a surfer’s membership has expired, he will be prompted to go back to the site. Without a new DRM license, the movie will not play.

“We’re giving back to the webmaster community and providing a valuable tool in retaining the ever-elusive member,” says JMK. “Webmasters can use this opportunity to renew the expired membership or to offer an incentive to returning customers to renew. During our extensive client beta testing, our clients noticed as much as a 20 percent increase in retention during the initial testing phase. New features and functions will be added on future releases of Full-On Video Reloaded.”