FuckYouCash Releases <i>Ex-Boyfriend's Revenge</i>

JM Productions has announced a September 4 street date for Ex-Boyfriends Revenge, a new reality porn series from internet content producer FuckYouCash (FYC).

"Being in a relationship with a beautiful woman is truly a special time in any man’s life," said publicist Tony Malice. "After finding the right girl, he can create cherished memories while sharing romantic moments like candlelight dinners, long walks on the beach, and piston-fucking her tight, wet, nubile teenage twat and then draining his balls all over her stupid face. Thankfully, modern technology allows today’s boyfriend to capture and preserve these special moments on video and replay them long after the relationship has ended."

JM has distributed several successful FuckYouCash DVD titles, including 18YearOlds.com and Freaks of Cock. The two companies are banking on the new movie's appeal to bitter, jilted men.

“Most companies would shy away from buying footage like this because it’s excessively exploitative,” said one FYC staffer. “It’s probably immoral to let these scumbag ex-boyfriends take advantage of these girls, but we really just don’t give a fuck.

“As a pornographer, there are limits to what you can get a girl to do," the rep continued. "You constantly have to deal with their bullshit ‘boundaries.’ There’s some nasty shit that a girl will only do when she really loves a guy. Thankfully for our wallets and your balls, these dumb sluts loved the wrong guys and now we get to exploit their bad decision-making on DVD for your viewing pleasure.”

Ex-Boyfriends Revenge features "real life ex-girlfriends" Isabella, Cosette, Nadia, and Jessica.

“At first, my then-girlfriend Isabella was really nervous about letting me film her riding my giant cock and slurping down my rancid jizz," said one satisfied ex-boyfriend in an anonymous testimonial. "After I lied to her and told her that I loved her, she was okay with it. But after she stopped making my truck payments because I fucked her sister, I decided to sell the footage to those douchebags at Fuck You Cash. I can’t wait ‘til her pervert dad sees it.”

Distributors can order Ex-Boyfriend's Revenge now by contacting JM Productions at (800)550-3659. For more information or to acquire your copy, visit jerkoffzone.com.