FSC Launches Anti-Piracy Educational Initiative

CANOGA PARK, Calif. — The Free Speech Coalition (FSC) has teamed with Sureflix Digital Distribution and the Global Anti-Piracy Agency (GAPA) to conduct a series of seminars on combating piracy.

GAPA was founded last year through the philanthropy of Sureflix, parent company of an array of digital platform brands including Maleflixxx.tv. The company has now donated $25,000 to produce this series utilizing the combined efforts of GAPA and FSC's educational program XXX University.

"Piracy is too important an issue for us to waste time reinventing the wheel," said former GAPA executive director Caryn Goldberg. "We need substantive solutions that will help the industry — it just makes sense for us to pool our resources.

The program, entitled "Anti-Piracy 101: Covering Your Assets," is scheduled to be held during the upcoming Phoenix Forum in March, the XBiz Summer Forum in July and the Internext Expo in August. Designed to help adult businesses — especially small ones without piracy-dedicated legal counsel — understand piracy and protect themselves against it, the series consists of four individual workshops:

• Filing Copyrights: Participants learn how to obtain the most basic protection content owners must have and get forms and procedures for do-it-yourself action.

• Tracking Pirated Content: Participants go inside the world of bit-torrent and other file-sharing sites for a how-to on tracking pirated content, as well as tips on protecting content from being pirated in the first place.

• Cease-and-Desist Letters & Takedown Notices: Participants find out how, when and to whom to send them and get templates and procedures for both types of documents.

• Suing the Bastards: Participants learn how to gather evidence that will stick when taking legal action against pirates. Attorneys and content owners who've been through the litigation process talk about what it costs in time and money, the potential for success, and how to coordinate class-action suits.

FSC executive director Diane Duke said, "Sureflix has put their money where their mouth is, and not just to help their company, but to help the whole industry through this coordinated initiative. They have encouraged other businesses to step up as well. Thank you Sureflix."