FSC: First Round of Performer Subsidy Fund Checks Issued Today

CANOGA PARK, Calif.The Free Speech Coalition announced Tuesday that the Performer Subsidy Fund will send its first round of subsidy checks to performers today. Performers that tested during the month of September and had test data entered into the Adult Production Health & Safety Services (APHSS.org) database system can look forward to a subsidy of $101.00 per performer panel test, the organization added.

“We are so glad to be able to offer this first-ever subsidy to performers,” said Free Speech Coalition CEO Diane Duke. “We want to recognize Manwin for initiating and the program and their ongoing financial support, as well as Evil Angel and Kink.com for their contributions. It is through the generosity of these producers that the Subsidy Fund is possible. It’s a wonderful example of how the industry can work together to provide needed resources and uphold high standards in the workplace.”

FSC administers the Performer Subsidy Fund on behalf of contributing producers.

Subsidies for regular performer testing were initially scheduled to be delivered in September but were delayed due to the syphilis exposure incident, said FSC, adding that with the help of the Performer Subsidy Fund, nearly 1,000 performers were treated and/or tested for syphilis. As a result of events addition, the TREP-SURE™ EIA syphilis test also has been added to the regular performer test panel at APHSS.org facilities.

In order to receive a test subsidy, performers must be registered in the APHSS.org database system and also have supplied a mailing address to [email protected]. Subsidies are then dispersed to those performers, according to test data entered into the APHSS.org database over a month-long period (from the first-to-last-day of the month). Subsidy amounts will vary, depending on the amount of contributions to the Fund and the number of performers that test each month.

For more information about APHSS.com, the Performer Subsidy Fund or FSC, contact [email protected] or (818) 348-9373.