From the Mainstream to the Pornstream:

It’s a porn revolution, or something like that. Actually, is a webzine/pay site combining the talents of Michael C. Gross, a mainstream producer, and novelist and artist Roberta E. Morgan. The result is something entirely different.

The site contains humor, smut, intellect, and art, with a sex-positive, couple-friendly, and a tongue-in-cheek tone under one roof. Yes, there’s also a blog.

The mix, it seems, comes from the creators’ two distinct personalities and experiences.

Mikey (Gross) is an award-winning art director, photographer, graphic artist, film producer, and fine artist. Gross was part of the team that launched National Lampoon. In Hollywood, he produced films such as Ghostbusters (along with designing the logo), Heavy Metal, Dave, Twins, and Beethoven.

Mandy (Morgan) produced the best-selling professional wrestling book, The Main Event. Overall she’s authored 10 books and has had five plays produced.

So why the switch to online porn?

“Not only for the money, but for true love, which shows in the final product. We recognized that fields like the movie and publishing businesses had changed in ways we didn’t enjoy,” Morgan says. “We saw the Internet as a fine creative delivery system for the present and far future.”

For the present, the site also has an affiliate program offering a 50 percent revshare.