From Sineplex With Love: New Series Made in Russia

Sineplex Entertainment is turning to Russia as a new source of talent. Their new series Nasty Prospects uses only Russian women under the age of 21. Every girl in Nasty Prospects has never been on camera before, and according to Sineplex spokesman Travis Nestor, most will never be seen again. 

“Our hotel was located right next to the city college, so we hung out and picked up on all the college girls everyday.  We would talk them into it, send them to go get a test and then the next day where (sic) shooting them in the hotel. Since some of the girls did not do anal or only wanted to work with one guy we decided to put them in the new series.” Nestor said in a statement.

Sineplex will be shooting more videos for the series on their upcoming trip to Russia. Nasty Prospects #1 sets its self apart from other Sineplex series do to the fact every scene is one-on-one.

Nasty Prospects, is a lot tamer, compared to the Gooey Buns and Sliders lines. Every scene has just one girl and one guy. It still has the Sineplex quality and the sex is still hard and fast,” Nestor said.

Nasty Prospects will be available on all formats November 25, 2003. Nasty Prospects stars: Baby, Sherry, Eva, Lula, Olga, Atsuni and Luda.  A trailer and photo gallery of the video can be seen here.

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