Friday Productions Moves To Dane

Friday Productions, owned by former Bay Area police officer Joe Friday, has ended their distribution deal with Don Goo and has moved distribution to Dane Productions.

“Dane was very honest with us and there was no pressure to move. Their offices are clean, organized, well-structured and we had a real good feeling about everything that they had to offer,” Friday told “It was a business decision to leave Don Goo. It was not a personal decision.”

Don Goo did not respond to requests for comment on this story by press time.

The two titles that Friday released at Don Goo—Oral Junkies and Group Therapy—are being re-released through Dane. The first Friday Productions releases through Dane will be Latin Booty Fetish and the company’s first plot-based feature, Corrupted. Friday will also be directing Dane’s Latinas Sabrosas series, along with helming the company’s Nineteen and Virgin Stories series.

“I am absolutely ecstatic to have them on board,” Dane sales manager William Millard said of Friday. “This is something that’s going to make us one of the biggest things in the industry that’s happening right now. We’re really excited about that. Joe has some of the greatest ideas going into these new shoots that we are going be putting together. I just know that he is going to make the lines that much better. He is so talented.”

Friday Productions just came off Erotica LA where they had their first booth ever.

“It was a really big show for us and we came out running. We had six girls signing for us and it was really great,” Friday said of the show.

“I was very impressed with the turnout they had at their booth,” Millard said. “They had so many fans at their booth. It was completely packed for the full three days and that’s got to say something. I think the fans are really looking forward to something new and that’s what they’ll get from Friday Productions being with us. It’s off the hook.”

Friday is also still working as talent for other companies, including recently-booked scenes for Sin City and Platinum X.

“I’ve been busy but that’s good. I am making it happen,” Friday said with pride.