Fresh Talent the Focus for Limelight Productions

With their first production already on store shelves, Limelight Productions is gearing up for the next two volumes in the Limelight Girls series. 

Chris Zeeman, general manager of Limelight, described Limelight Girls following in the same vein as Ed Powers' Dirty Debutantes series and Randy West's Up and Cummers — as a showcase for new talent in the industry, a niche that Zeeman believes there will always be demand for. 

"We want to establish Limelight Girls as an outlet to see the new faces in the industry," he says. 

Zeeman says being in Vegas and out of the San Fernando Valley actually helps his business. Women from around the country travel to Vegas and he finds that women sometimes want to work while they're on vacation. 

Vol. 1 of Limelight Girls features Alexis Amore, Monika Star, Kelana, Morgan March and Lilly Thai and Vol. 2, which will be available on July 31, will feature Cori Lyne and Cris Taliana. Vol. 3 will be available in early September.

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