Fresh Off the Bus: Kim Tao

LOS ANGELES—Kim Tao someday would like to help the country in which she was raised. Among her many goals are to lead charity efforts in her native Vietnam and to change the way its government views sex. 

“Each individual has one life to live,” she says. “I want to live mine with some worthy meaning.”

Tao’s path has taken her from the shores of Vietnam all the way to rural West Virginia where she owned and operated a nail salon for six years. Then she discovered her naughtier side, ditching the quiet life for three years of fast living as a Las Vegas stripper before moving to New York City where she currently resides. Her go-for-it attitude led her to giving porn a try in October, when she did four scenes in her first week before taking a three-month break. She decided to go full force again during the AVN Expo in January in Las Vegas.

“I came back and sign up with LA Direct and LA Direct got me another two scenes up to today,” she says.

Now Tao is committed to building her adult movie career and eventually going after her dreams of a life of philanthropy. She’s sexy and driven and coming to a DVD store near you. In her first interview, Tao weighs in on Tori Black, blowjobs, marriage and getting her pussy shaved, among other views. (photo gallery)


Age: 30

Height/Weight/Measurements: 5-1, 97 pounds, 34D-25-34 

Piercings/Tattoos: Belly button and ears pierced. No tattoos. 


What was it that attracted you to the adult movie business and made you want to give it a try?  

I saw more and more beautiful women get in the industry every day, and I found it challenging and stimulating to get the status that these beautiful, successful porn stars get. I wish I were Tori Black at AVN 2010. I had full respect for that chick that night. To fuck and suck till losing her own voice—that’s extreme, beautiful devotion. Also, as a stripper for three years in Vegas I didn't have a boyfriend to experience the bareback sex. So I thought hmm, maybe these hot, clean, tested male talents will show me a good time. Just a typical horny girl.

How many scenes have you done so far approximately?

Six scenes.

What was going through your mind before your first sex scene?

I was with a hottie Johnny Castle, so it was totally fun. Oh, I would bang a hottie like that in real life if I run into him and I am single and horny. It just pure fun. I wasn't aware of the camera.

What kind of emotions were you feeling?

Just pure sex, no feelings. I had a glass of wine prior to the scene. Four years ago during my last long-term relationship, I made love like an Asian woman to my ex-boyfriend who work for our presidents in The White House. That is to make love passionately, lovingly, and a little bit possessive. I made love and demand to be loved and respected. But after he broke my heart, I become a stripper, then I decide I need to learn to fuck like an American man, just fuck (hook up) and leave. Don't even think of building a relationship or marriage. Because that seems to be not what the American dating scenes are all about. [laughs]... I now have a little bit craving for love, romance, and intimacy though. I am no longer a cold-heart, thick-skin stripper in Vegas. 

What company was your first scene for?

Bluebird Films.

What was the name of the movie?

Don't know. I was a nerdy math tutor who get turn on by her student.  

What other companies or internet sites have you worked for so far, or names of movies?

New Sensations (Glamorous), (Let's Ride), 

What turns you on?

Love! And love-making to medium-size dicks, bareback. I got a small pussy and I enjoy small cocks. 

What sexual fantasy do you have?

Public places such as beautiful, seductive nightclubs, just about anywhere outside of the same bedroom. I also enjoy giving blowjob contest with my hot girlfriends though. I did it once and it was so much fun. I love hot chicks who are open-minded. 

When did you lose your virginity?

22 years old when I get married.

What do you remember about it?

I was so tight my ex-husband couldn't get in—even he has an average Asian cock. I cried when he shave my pussy. Now my pussy is bald, smooth laser-treated. I forced my sister to shave her pussy on her engagement day with an American boy, and she cried as well seven years later after my cry. [laughs]... I don't get it why I was raised in a culture that ‘sex is evil and a hairless pussy is a very deadly bad luck for any man who gets to see it.’ It’s the Vietnamese culture things. Oh, by the way, to explain why I got dump by my ex-husband due to the sex culture difference, he was a Vietnamese American New Yorker, and ate my pussy and I stared at him with a disgusting look. I thought it was super dirty of him to do that. I never gave him a blowjob in my life. [laughs]... I now love to give blowjob to beautiful cocks. I actually worship a cock during my blowjob not just giving it. I am pretty good at it. Want a test drive? [laughs]

Did you ever watch porn before getting into the business? If so, what kind, or what movies?

Yes, I usually watch Tera Patrick movies or hot girls. I don't really pay attention to the names of movies when I watch. I watch more often on cable as well. 

Who in your life would be most shocked to know you’re an adult performer now?

My ex-husband. Cause I was a total virgin wreck to his life. [laughs] 

What were some previous jobs you had before porn?

Stripper, beauty salon owner, college graduate. I went to school for an MBA program in Virginia.

What are your hobbies or what do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

Making love and spending time with someone I love most, such as my dog or family. Movie, reading, self-improvement, learning, outdoor activities in the summer, swimming, beaches.

What is something about you that you wish more people knew?

That I am a good, very kind-heart girl who happen to love sex and very driven in whatever field I do in life, not just the sex industry.

What are your plans for the future?

Many things. Number one changing sex life in Vietnam. ‘Ladies, stand up for yourself, come and get whatever you want. Come after your dream and wish. Never quit or shy. Don’t be afraid to ask for what you want.’

Two, pursuing the Vietnamese government to allow at least strip clubs there in certain areas to attract tourists. Three, be a charity leader in Vietnam. Build some non-profit factories to create jobs for the poorest in Vietnam. Using my own money and savings to build houses or give lifetime jobs to the poorest or the most handicap people in Vietnam (those who need it most). If I run out of fund for it at some point in my life, I will beg my fan for it. [smiles] By the way, I own and I just own and build I am only 31, I need two million dollars to be able to quit working in America and never worry about hunger again and come to Vietnam to do these things. Each individual has one life to live. I want to live mine with some worthy meaning. I could many chances be a married woman who was taken care by a good, comfortable husband. But with that being done, only me or my future kids have a good life. My poor Vietnamese people still live the rest of their life in poverty and extreme, poor living conditions.

Some might see them on the street and give them a dollar or two, but no one will give them a good, safe home to live in with a fan at least to get through that extreme humid heat in Vietnam. I want to be the one who reach out to the most unfortunate myself. I had enough, I made enough money and I been saving every dollar I made so I can independently do whatever dream I want to do later in my life. I can't wait to live a meaningful life.


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