Fresh Off the Bus: Interview WIth Jessie Andrews

Age: I turned 18 on March 22, 2010

Height/Weight: 5-foot-8, 140 pounds

Measurements: 34-28-36

Hometown: Miami

Bookings: OC Modeling, [email protected]


How did you get your porn name?

Jessie is my mom’s dog’s name and Andrews was the street I was driving on when I needed to choose a last name.


What brought you into the adult business?

I love making money and sex is essential to my life, so this way, I get best of both worlds.


Did you watch porn before you started performing?

I never saw an entire scene—just trailers.


What’s your favorite thing about performing?

I love meeting new people and having a guaranteed big cock to play with.


Has the expectation of performing lived up to the experience?

It definitely has. I plan on making porn my career. I’m not going anywhere!


What was going through your mind before your first sex scene?

I was thinking do I really need to wear makeup?


What companies have you worked for so far?

I’ve worked for Immoral Productions, Amateur Allure, Porn Pros, Red Light District, Bang Bros, Reality Kings, Jim Gunn, Wicked Pictures, New Sensations and Digital Playground.


What’s the dirtiest/sexiest thing you’ve done on camera and off?

A seven-person unplanned orgy—all performers—off-camera. The dirtiest thing I’ve done on camera would have to be tossing a guy’s salad.


Describe your dream scene.

My dream scene would be with my best friend, Digital Playground contract girl Selena Rose. We would go out on a typical night in search for scorching hot men to fuck. Double-team!


Describe your best sexual experience.

Every time I give a blowjob it’s the best sexual experience. I love giving head!


Do you prefer working on gonzos or features?

It's a tie I think, They both have pros and cons. Features I like because I have the ability to act and play the part of the character. I like gonzo because it’s more of an improvisational approach, which I also like.


What do you hope to achieve in the business?

I want to build a household name for myself. I’d like to go far in the business while keeping my head on straight and maybe one day be contracted to a well-established company. Most importantly, I want to make money.


What do you enjoy doing in your spare time? Any hobbies?

I really enjoy shopping. I'll pick up any activity you put me in, though, from soccer to tennis to softball to sucking dick. I learn very fast. I enjoy going rollerblading, to the movies and hanging out with friends. I make clothes in my spare time and read all my books that are decor in my loft.


Tell us a little-known fact about yourself.

I never judge anyone before I meet them. Since sixth grade, I’ve always liked myself better with no clothes on—can you say premature exhibitionist? I’ve never had a serious boyfriend; my longest relationship was two months of summer camp when I was 14. I’ve taken two boys’ virginity. I have the smallest vagina I’ve ever seen! I don’t wear makeup unless I’m on set. My best friend’s Selena Rose, a Digital Playground contract star. I wear a necklace that says BJ (blow job or Betsey Johnson). I love playing volleyball more than anything I’ve ever done, ever. I love tattoos but I have none. I shaved the bottom half of my head and donated it to Paul Mitchell to help cure BP’s oil spill.

This article originally ran in the October 2010 issue of AVN.