Fresh Faces: Valentina Jewels

LOS ANGELES—Valentina Jewels wants to represent curvaceous girls everywhere when she performs.

“One of the major reasons why I wanted to start doing porn was I felt like there wasn’t really a lot of girls that had my type of body,” Jewels tells AVN. “So I kind of wanted to just to stand out from that crowd. So every time I’m in the middle of a shoot I always think about it. I’m doing this for my girls, you know. This is my thing.”

It turns out the 20-year-old newcomer from Florida is a natural.

Now thirty-something scenes into her career, Jewels has already caught the attention of heavyweight brands such as BangBros and Reality Kings—both of which have shot the excitable brunette multiple times. BangBros in fact has been so impressed that they gave her an on-camera hosting gig for their newly reinvigorated Girls Gone Wild line.

“We think Valentina could be the breakout star for 2018,” Colin Rae, executive producer for BangBros & Girls Gone Wild, tells AVN. “She has a unique package and great energy. She has the ability to make the other performers on set bring their ‘A’ game.”

Jewels, who was born in Honduras and raised in Miami, debuted in March for RK not long after signing with Hussie Models.

“I was looking at different agencies in Miami that are for new girls and that was one of the biggest agencies that I saw,” Jewels recalls. “I sent off my pictures and [Hussie owner Riley] just got back to me and contracted me. It was super fast. That happened at the end of February and I was already shooting in March.

“My first scene was with Sean Lawless. He’s awesome. I still work with him sometimes—like for Girls Gone Wild he was there. For Fuck Team 5 he was there. So it’s awesome seeing a familiar face, like someone I was so nervous to work with at first. I came up to him and I was like, ‘Hey, please help me.’ And now he’s like, ‘Oh, look at you!’ So it’s awesome getting that reaction from people.”

Jewels says she didn’t know who Lawless was when she was first booked to work with him, but she did some research ahead of their encounter.

“I was pretty nervous when I found out he had been doing this for a while and he was already contracted and all this,” Jewels says. “I was like, ‘Gosh, am I gonna be enough?’”

Suffice it to say Jewels was more than enough for the veteran stud.

“Honestly, in the middle of the shoot I had to stop for a second. I was like, ‘Wow, is this really what I want to do?’ I guess I was just so excited to be there and finally realize this is what I want to do. Just the fact that it felt so natural and comfortable to me,” Jewels continues. “So I wasn’t really too nervous in the middle of it. I was more nervous in the beginning."

Now Jewels flies to LA every few weeks to shoot more scenes; she eventually plans to get her own place in Southern California.

“I’m super excited about meeting new people all the time and networking,” she says. “I feel like it’s a little bit of a challenge now because there’s still a lot of things that I’m not fully doing—like anal and all that. But I want to ease into it…”

Jewels at press time had less than a dozen scenes out with more than a dozen coming soon.

“I have mostly BangBros stuff out,” she says. “They’re the ones that are usually shooting me back-to-back.”

She says her BangBus scene with Tyler Steel was harder—and hotter, literally—than it looked because there was no air-conditioning inside the van—it had to be off during the scene because of the noise.

“It was so crazy because the BangBus is so hot and for me I felt like I wasn’t doing enough,” Jewels says. “I was like, ‘Oh, gosh. I need to step up my game’ in the middle of the shoot. But now that I see everything and I see the outcome, that shoot was honestly one of the best shoots I’ve had by far.”

She continued, “I’ve done [BangBros’] MyDirtyMaid. I’ve done a couple of other scenes—mostly AssParade stuff. They’ve put me on the cover of their website a couple times so I’m pretty happy about that. And they made me the cover for one of the DVDs that just came out, the Bang Bus, Vol. 72, so I was pretty excited about that. That was my first box cover.”

She says when she went to Exxxotica Miami there were already fans coming up with her DVD in hand.

“They were like, ’Can you sign this?’ And I was like, ‘Oh my god,’” Jewels recalls. “In Miami there’s just so many people outshining each other so it’s kind of hard to stand out and I had the opportunity to do that. I feel pretty blessed about it."

Even though the majority of her scenes have yet to be released, Jewels is already building a fan base—she had accumulated almost 30,000 Twitter followers before she got hacked and deleted on her birthday in mid-July; and she’s already gone past 53,000 on Instagram.

“Since before I started, BangBros was always something I wanted to do. Just the fact that we get along so well and we have a great relationship I feel like I’m finally conquering all my dreams,” Jewels says. “The fact that I proved myself wrong shows me that there’s a lot more that I can prove.”

Jewels at press time also listed her session with Mike Adriano for Swallowed as one of her favorites to date.

“It was pretty awesome having that familiar vibe that you would have in Miami,” she explains. “He just made me feel comfortable. I was so nervous because it was my first trip [to L.A.]”

Before breaking into adult, Jewels worked full time at a jewelry store in downtown Miami.

“I would sell 10- and 14-carat jewelry and diamonds and all that,” Jewels says. “I was doing that for about three years before I started doing porn. But this year I just said I want to do what makes me happy. That wasn’t my dream job.”

Jewels says she did learn from selling jewelry that “it holds it’s value.”

“It’s something that’s worth putting money into,” she notes. “It’s something that you’re gonna get your money back.”

Jewels says in her spare time she likes to draw and oil paint—flowers are her specialty.

“But I don’t really like to tell people a lot,” she says shyly. “I do a lot of reading and Yoga. I like to exercise a lot. Since I started I was way bigger, so trying to maintain my weight right now. I go to Yoga class and I go to the gym.”

She looked up to a couple of established porn girls before she got into the industry, too.

“I would look up to girls like Katrina Jade. I was very interested about the fact that she always struggled with getting shoots because of her tattoos or because of how she looked and I felt the same way when it came to my body,” Jewels says. “And Abella Danger. She’s from Miami, so I’ve always looked up to her. I think it’s amazing what she’s built for herself. She came basically from where I grew up. So having someone I can look up to is a blessing. I kind of retraced her steps. This is something that I need to be doing. I need to be taking bigger steps. It’s good to have role models in the industry, especially girls that have been to the places you’ve been. I’m dying to meet them.”

She says she’s gone back to her birthplace of El Progreso, Honduras, to visit.

“It kind of keeps me grounded because it shows me where I really came from and how poor people really are in my country, and this is something I need to stand up for,” Jewels says. “People really don’t know Central America and the beauty of it. Honestly, I kind of wanted some exposure for that reason, too.”