Fresh Faces: Trina Rush

This article originally ran in the June 2017 issue of AVN magazine. Click here to see the digital magazine.

Hometown: Volzhskiy, Russia | Age: 23 | Height: 5-foot-5 | Weight: 125 pounds | Measurements: 34-32-38 | Hair: Black | Eyes: Blue

Russian-born Trina Rush came to the U.S. when she was a teenager and lived “all over the East Coast” before heading west. She’s been in Los Angeles for about a year. When we talked to her last fall she’d been working in porn for “a month” and loving every minute of the experience.

“I never felt better. Never felt better in my life, never been happier. Life makes more sense than now.”

Her first scene was for an online company, and then “I shot two scenes for Lethal Hardcore. One was a threesome with Molly Mae for Pornstar Camhouse.” She will work with both “boys and girls. Whoever wants be.” Which is certainly the right attitude for a budding sex star.

How did she find her way into the business?

“Actually, I was an exotic dancer and I met a girl at work who used to be a porn star, and I was always curious, always been curious about it. I asked her how she got into it and she told me So I went on and ATMLA reached out to me and the rest is history.”

“Of course, my agency is constantly working for me, booking, keeping me really busy. I love them.”

Her hometown is part of Volgograd, and she has no desire to go back there. “It’s too cold. And it costs too much.” She believes her life is way better in Southern California. “My actual family is back in Russia, but my aunt, my grandmother, they support everything I do. My mother I do not keep in touch with.”

Trina has sampled life in several American cities. “Miami, I lived there for about a month, it was way too hot. I lived in Jersey, I lived in New York for a little bit, PA.” But she likes L.A. “I love it. I had a place in Jersey, on the beach, but I dropped everything and came out here and never looked back.”

She is very proud of her four tattoos. “Queen Till Death” is a Russian tattoo. Another, “Corruption,” is quite beautiful. She says it’s “something meaningful. It was done in Miami by one of the premier tattoo artists there. That was his thing.”

Her nipples are pierced, her favorite song is Biggie’s “Sky’s the Limit,” and her birth sign is Taurus/Gemini. “It signifies the perfect balance between crazy and very grounded. I’m the perfect balance at this point in my life.”

Hobbies? “I was an only child so I entertain myself with the simplest things. I like doing girly stuff: shopping, salons, beach. I also like art, so recently I started going to art galleries. I find them very soothing, inspirational.”

She came up with her favorite saying during an interview with New Sensations: “If you’re going to be a whore, be a famous one—share it with the world.”

There are two porn personalities she’d really like to meet. “Moe the Monster [Moe Johnson], I have a big crush on him. And Lisa Ann, I have a crush on her, too. I’ve been a huge fan of hers since I was about 16. Big crush on her. I heard she’s not doing scenes anymore, but she’s a director and she’s a brilliant woman. I would want to be in a film directed by her.”

How about a steady boyfriend? Negative. “I’m single, I belong to the world, honey. Forever.”

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Photograph by Chris King/@ReelSeduction. For more images of Trina Rush and other performers who have been to AVN's Talent Night, click here.