Fresh Faces: Sabina Rouge

LOS ANGELES—Sabina Rouge tells AVN her passion for music starts with classic rock.

“I love old-time-y music like Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix, The Beatles,” Rouge reveals. “I will sing Janis Joplin like nobody’s business.

“I make my own music, too. I like to bring back old genres into new stuff. But I’m an oldies girl.”

The just-turned 21-year-old girl/girl performer worked part time as a vocal coach in Tennessee while studying neuroscience before she committed to a career in adult.

She also moonlighted as a cam model on Chaturbate, where it didn’t take long for the community to take notice. Rouge earned the title of “Chaturbate Cutie” during her first year on the platform—and then Matrix Models owner John Steven spotted her.

“From the moment I saw her I just knew she was drop-dead gorgeous, so it was really kind of a no-brainer,” Steven tells AVN. “We’re always very exclusive. We’re not interested in just any model who comes along. Netflix did a show about Matrix Models last year (Hot Girls Wanted: Turned On, Ep. 3). After that I was contacted by about three to four thousand girls. I rejected about 98 percent of them…

“I’ve been doing this for a little over 20 years and I’ve just always tried to focus on girls who are young, natural looking and photogenic—like the girl next door—with natural boobs and not a lot of tattoos. And over the years I’ve been able to find quite a few girls who fit within that.”

Steven says Rouge has performed in about 20 girl/girl scenes since February and another 10-plus solos—not to mention landing some A-list print magazine shoots all within weeks of her signing with his agency.

“She’s an amazing performer,” Steven continues. “She’s a true lesbian, so when companies book her for a girl/girl scene they’re getting a true lesbian rather than someone who is gay for pay.

“A lot of the girl/girl companies now are much more interested in booking girls who are actually into girls rather than just a payday.”

Rouge says during her first two weeks shooting in LA she didn’t have a single day off, gaining more than 10,000 Twitter followers in the process.

“I’m grateful,” Rouge says. “Because if it wasn’t for all those people out there wanting to see me I wouldn’t be where I am today. I love them all. I really do.”

Rouge shot for Playboy Plus—with photographer Holly Randall—during her first week in LA. She says that session with Randall gave her a ton of confidence.

“And that’s when Penthouse saw me,” Rouge recalls. “They wanted me and that’s when everybody else started coming to me. In three months I was able to get five magazines. I was like, ‘Oh my god, like what?’

Now the May Penthouse Pet—she was in the Stormy Daniels “Pet of the Century” issue—also has print credits in Hustler, Barely Legal and Taboo.

“It was a lot of hard work but it was so much fun,” says Rouge.

Meanwhile, solo sites such as FTV Girls also took an interest in the 5-foot-4 redhead with green eyes.

“All the solo sites booked her immediately and at the same time the companies who do girl/girl were booking her and were just raving to me that, ‘Thank god we’ve finally found a gorgeous girl who’s really into girls,’” Steven adds. “They love working with her.”

Rouge believes she's finding her rhythm on set.

“I want to be the girl who not only is able to show that the body is beautiful, but also that you can create art,” she says. 

Among her favorite scenes so far are an encounter with 2018 Penthouse Pet of the Year Gina Valentina, who joined Rouge for a July 4th-themed pool scene.

“It was probably the hottest scene I was ever involved in because Gina Valentina and I have chemistry,” Rouge says. “We would look at each other and growl and smack each other. It was so much fun. I like when I can have a connection with somebody.”

She also got to use a double dildo in a stepmom/stepsister scene with Lauren Phillips and Ember Snow for Team Skeet and hooked up with Alexis Fawx in Lesbian Adventures: Older Women Younger Girls 12 for Sweetheart Video.

“I’ve been obsessed with women. I’ve been gay since I can remember and I only recently started getting into men, honestly. After I turned 18 I was like maybe I’ll try a guy out,” Rouge admits. “But I’ve been gay my entire life because women are just glorious.

“I’ve only been involved with a man once in my life and he was my gay best friend. It was weird and he’s actually a woman now. … That’s when I realized I don’t mind dick. But I don’t want to just throw myself into boy/girl porn. That’s just a little too quick for me. I watch it though.”

Rouge likes to watch porn that features petite girls being dominant.

“I know it’s really weird but I love seeing the woman who you would normally see as the dominant type being submissive to a beautiful, young, skinny, tiny girl,” Rouge says. “I love that because it’s so different. And I was like, I would want to do that to a bigger person. I would want to dominant you like that. I’m usually the tiny one so I never get to.

“And fuck machines. For some reason I just love the fuck machines. I would love to do something like that. Just being tied down and pinned and being fucked by this fuck machine."

Rouge says she finds her boy/girl fare on Pornhub and even Chaturbate.

“If I’ve had a good night [on cam] I’ll go in another room [on Chaturbate] and just shower them with tokens. I’ll be like, ‘You guys are freakin’ great. Thank you so much for being beautiful,’” she says.

“I remember in the beginning not having any money and not knowing what I was doing and one cam girl would come in and tip me 5000 tokens and she was like, ‘If you need any help with anything, here’s my Twitter.’ I’m like, ‘Wow, thank you.’ And she helped me. I love watching Chaturbate because I think everyone who’s trying their best is so sexy. Any way they do their art is all sexy to me. I believe the body only exists to verify one’s own existence.”

Rouge says she would like to work with Honey Gold.

“Oh my god, I’d let her do anything to me,” Rouge confesses. “And Dani Daniels, she’s so fine. Her butt is so nice.”

She made her live cam debut on Valentine’s Day in 2017, finding Chaturbate through her best friend who was already camming but had yet to tell Rouge.

“She had all this money out of nowhere. I was like, ‘What?’ We’re both hippies. We don’t have money. She’s like, ‘Let me show you what I do,’” Rouge recalls. “So we’re drinking a little bit. She gets on camera. I’ve seen her naked so many times it’s not even funny. So I just sit down and I’m like, ‘Give me a show.’ I’m behind the camera and I’m watching her and I’m like, ‘Damn, this looks like so much fun.’

“I didn’t see a smile leave her face. I was like, I want to smile like that, too. I want to feel like that. So the day after I’m like, ‘Can I cam with you?’ So we get everything settled. Right when I get onto cam it was like this is what I was supposed to be doing this entire time. That’s when it hit me.”

Rouge continues, “Not only do I absolutely adore everybody on cam because they’re all so sweet and so kind, but I can also be my little sexy self that I was afraid to bring out my entire life. I was always conservative—like don’t touch me. And now I’m over here like, ‘This is my body.’ And I love it. They make my day every single day.”

Rouge lived all over the state of Florida—Gainesville, Jacksonville, Tampa and Miami—before moving to Tennessee and enrolling in college while she was still in high school. She stayed in Tennessee for about three years before returning to the Sunshine State; at press time she was considering a move to LA.

The free spirit also backpacked around the US when she was 18.

“And I found a place in Virginia. It was this place called the Rainbow Gathering—this little hippie commune that runs around everywhere,” she explains. “I found them and I lived with them for three months.”

Then Rouge traveled to several music festivals for about a year before she started camming.

“She’s a really nice person, which is the other benefit for directors,” Steven says. “They get to spend the day with a really cool, levelheaded girl and it just makes the day easier for everyone.”

When Rouge isn’t working, she produces music—she recently had songs accepted on—and she sings.

“A lot of the work that I did I didn’t really show to people,” she admits. “But I was so passionate about it I had to make it. I had all these songs and recordings and I never would show anybody them. It was only recently that they got accepted. I’ve gotten more comfortable with my own art in a way.

“I loved what I did, but I was too afraid to show what I was capable of. But once I realized what I’m capable of is when I realized I should’ve done this a long time ago. I should’ve been showing everybody my flaws because that’s what makes me, me.”

Rouge continues, “My life has spun beautifully into a dream when I came out here and started doing porn because now I’m producing music for this website and now I’m able to be in Penthouse magazine and all this different stuff.

“I sing all the time. Singing is so therapeutic for me. I love music so much. If someone were to be like, ‘Hey, I need you to sing a song right now.’ I’d be like, ‘I don’t care what it is, let’s do this. I’m honored to be a part of your project.’”

Prior to making her porn debut, the enterprising performer posted an ad for her vocal coaching services on GigSalad after learning about the nuances from friends and family who worked in the field.

“I would get people who needed my help and then I would teach them how to sing,” Rouge says. “They would come over or I would do it over Skype and it would be $35 an hour, which is like the cheapest you can get somebody.

“I did this for about a year-and-a-half to two years.”

One thing is certain: based on her first six months in the porn biz, Rouge has plenty of options ahead of her.

Her credits also include two editions of Girlfriends Films’ Cheer Squad Sleepovers (26-27) and two scenes for The Score Group.

“I want to do this for a long time,” Rouge says. “I love every aspect of it—the emotions, the nastiness…Everything about it is amazing to me.

“I’m just so excited. I want to work my ass off. I want to prove to everybody that I totally love what I do. Waking up and eating a pussy for breakfast, what?”

She hasn’t ruled out boy/girl but is not ready to take that step.

“I still haven’t used a strap-on yet—baby steps,” Rouge jokes. “I want to have beautiful ladies taking my cock.”

Rouge adds, “I would do anal, but I wouldn’t have it be done to me. I would be the one giving it to another girl.”

Her stage name means “cat eyes in red” in French.

“I got that when I was very young, actually. My grandma used to call me Little Rouge running around. ‘Little Rouge, Little Rouge.’ And so one day—because my grandmother was French as hell—one day she called me Sabina. And I was like, ‘What, who are you talking to?’ And she was like, ‘It means cat eyes, honey.’

“So I chose Sabina Rouge because I knew that my grandmother gave it to me so it must mean something, and it was easy to remember.”




Photos by Jeff Koga