Fresh Faces: Megan Marx

Riley Star is featured in the current issue of AVN magaizne; photo by Rick Garcia. Click here to see the digital edition.

Megan Marx contacted agencies to get into the adult industry after watching the documentary Hot Girls Wanted. "A couple of agencies messaged me back," she said. Her first scene was "so fun. It was, like, an hour after I got there, so I wasn't expecting it, and it was a cool bondage scene. We were tied up in, like, a million different ways. I was with this girl I had just met an hour ago. Funny way to get to know each other."

Marx grew up in West Virginia, in a small town she describes as "boring. It was slow, and conservative. They never had the views I had. My family looked down on those views." She likes the atmosphere on adult sets: "Everyone is so fun. I'm making new connections, new friends every day. I know they're not permanent, but we're all enjoying ourselves together. Being on the job is so much more chill than a minimum wage job where you’re getting yelled at to pack burgers for $8 an hour."

Although she's only 18, "I've been working, doing something I was 13," including food service ("I didn’t like that.") and working in parking, concessions, and cleanup at an outdoor concert venue.

She has traveled to Mexico and the Bahamas, and regularly took day trips to Baltimore and Washington, D.C., from West Virginia "for shopping and good places to eat, which we didn't have back home. I liked going to exciting places, because my town is the least exciting place in the world."

She just started camming on Chaturbate at meganmarxxx. In the future, "I'm looking forward to building my reputation and seeing where it gets me. Making new connections. I'm starting a new life in L.A. I want to try everything. Boy/girl, threesomes, foursomes."

Megan Marx is represented by Matrix Models. Follow her on Twitter: @meganmarxxxx.