Fresh Faces: Jamie Jett

A version of this feature appears in the February issue of AVN magazine. Click here for the digital edition.

LOS ANGELES—At first glance, Jamie Jett might look like a sage-smudging, long-skirted Sausalito massage therapist, or maybe a San Diego surfer girl, but she’s really an orgy-throwing goth/punk who likes fucking on pool tables. Sometimes it’s difficult to get that across to people.

“It’s easier when I’ve got the 10-inch heels and blue hair,” she says, “but yes, it’s sometimes a struggle to look as decadent as I feel.”

Jett, whose nom de porn is a tribute to “Bad Reputation” icon Joan Jett, and who hopes desperately that her hero will one day find out there’s a blonde pornstress fucking in her name, grew up in the Bay Area and, on the day of our interview, completed her final test to earn her Bachelor of Arts degree in political science.

“The day I completed my degree is ten times more exciting  than I ever imagined it,” she says. “I finished my last test two days after a 10-person orgy.”

In that extra-liberal world that is the Bay Area, Jett was (and is) especially wild, but she maintained excellent grades, even while sneaking away from home on public transportation to ride into San Francisco and attend play parties at bondage clubs. Her double life occasionally overlapped perilously, like that Christmas in the choir loft.

“My partner and I had been rehearsing flute duets for about two months, and the tension was growing,” she says, revealing yet again the tawdry side of the woodwinds section. “My first sexual experience was on a pew in a balcony above a congregation of 200 people on Christmas Eve. I still have a Pavlovian response to certain Christmas songs.

“And we got caught. But not in the balcony. Later we were just making out in a closet, and that’s when we got caught. And his parents? They sent him to Spain.”

So your parents had some idea?

“They are very liberal, and they knew I was Bi from an early age—but we’re in California, so everyone’s BI—and they were very accepting. But then I got expelled from school for giving head on a bus…”

A school bus?

“A MUNI bus.”


As she got older, Jett was better able to reconcile her “guiding philosophy of hedonism and libertine culture” with not shocking her parents to death. It helped that she lived where she lived, as she says that sex-and-kink-positivity is the water San Franciscans swim in.

Still, “I’ve always been an adrenaline junkie and sex has always been my primary hobby,” she says. “Pursuits of decadent sex has always been the thing I put the most anticipation into.”

So if she was already a dazzling unicorn in the Bay Area fetish scene, why did she need to get into porn in September of 2020, six months into a pandemic and just three months shy of earning her college degree?

“It was a slow realization,” she says, “but there were things (related to her field of study) that weren’t making me happy. Plus, I was putting a lot energy into organizing a large orgy in the California redwoods; we had rented a circle of cabins—one would be a BDSM cabin, a cabin for fireplay...and six months into a pandemic, that couldn’t happen. I couldn’t do the things I really loved.”

So in a decision to send her nudes to an adult talent agency (and she was called back within two hours), Jett also came to a conclusion about her academic career: She would finish her degree, work in porn for a decade, and then go to law school, with the aim of becoming a sex worker advocacy attorney once she passed the Bar.

“On the legislative side of things,” she says, “change is incrementally slow. I want to be in that small window where porn and politics meet, specialize in sex work decriminalization and drug decriminalization as someone who worked in porn as a performer. It’s both anthropologically interesting and my dream job.”

In September of 2020, without having met her agents or been on a porn set, Jett boarded a plane to Las Vegas (she had been remote-schooling from a cabin in Lake Tahoe). “I arrive at 5 a.m. and Bella Elise Rose just bounds down the stairs. I was so starstruck! Everyone has been so kind and supportive, and I really feel at home. Whereas other students in my cohort are feeling that the political world is a passionless grind.”

Jett, who is represented by L.A. Direct Models, has no qualms about going public with her plans. “I’ve told everyone I’ve ever had sex with that I’m doing porn now,” she says. “It’s really thrilling.”

So, as an adrenaline junkie, was there ever a time she was scared?

“There was this great speakeasy where there’d be punk shows, and through a sliding door there was a bar with a pool table. The bartender liked to show off his snake. One night, after a particularly wild show, me and some friends were fucking on the pool table when the generator blew and the lights went out. There’s 300 people in the room...and somebody said, ‘He dropped the snake.’ But we just kept fucking.”






Photography by Michael Whiteacre/Honey House PR