Fresh Faces: Ivy Wolfe

This article originally ran in the May 2018 issue of AVN magzine. Click here for the digital edition.

“My roommate was doing it at the time,” Ivy Wolfe says about her introduction to on-camera performing. “She said she loved it. It was a beautiful environment for her to be the sexual creature she was without feeling ashamed, and instead be praised and worshiped for it. I was really looking for that environment.”

Before taking the plunge, Wolfe had been a manager at a sandwich shop in Portland. “I love Oregon. Lots of hippies, nobody really cares about money too much.”

Her first scene was a b/g/g “and it’s the best threesome I’ve had to this day—and I have a lot of threesomes. It’s still one of the best,” she adds with a laugh. “She was a dirty girl. She was not ashamed to say what she liked, or to get into it. She was very submissive, I really liked that. It was my first real opportunity to dom a girl. She squirted all over me.”

Wolfe takes her adult industry work seriously: “In most other jobs—and I have worked other jobs—the freedom is limited. I can pursue things that make me feel alive. I can make my own schedule and I’m allowed to be me, completely. I really do work my ass off. I put on whatever music gets me pumped. Makes me think I’m a fuckin’ badass and I’m gonna rock whatever I put my mind to. I like classic rock, metal, something funky.” Her dream scene is a gangbang: “Oh gawd yes. I have wanted that from the moment I started watching porn. I want them to come in one-by-one, and I want to be the dominatrix.”

She uses her real first name “to send a message: I’m not ashamed, not one bit. I don’t want other women to be. A lot of times it’s very hush-hush, ‘Don’t tell the family,’ don’t tell people what you do. I get that, that’s how society works. I’m hell-bent on breaking that.”

Wolfe also sings, and her singing inspiration is Amy Winehouse: “I love her balls. Ballsy woman. She also had this ability to say things that are very raunchy in a way that’s almost classy. I idolize that. She can talk about topics that can’t usually be sung about with such grace.”

Wolfe is aiming high: “Ivy is here to break the goddam fuckin’ mold by being a fiercely intelligent woman in the adult industry who is not afraid to vocalize the things that other people are afraid to. At the end of the day, I love it. I love being a sex worker.”

Her words to live by come from another iconoclast, Oscar Wilde: “You will always be fond of me. To you, I represent all of the sins you never had the courage to commit.”

Find Ivy Wolfe on Twitter: @ALittleWolfe. Book her through Motley Models.

Photos of Ivy Wolfe by Rick Garcia; for more images from AVN Talent Night, click here.