Fresh Faces: Ivy Lebelle

Hometown: Los Angeles, California | Age: 29 | Height: 5-foot-7 | Weight: 135 pounds | Measurements: 34-27-36 | Hair: Dark brown | Eyes: Blue

It was working as a makeup artist behind the scenes that finally convinced Ivy Lebelle to try her hand at hardcore. Statuesque, curvaceous, with striking blue eyes, the 29-year-old Los Angeles native “had always fantasized about it, but I was insecure. Being on sets made me more comfortable with performing one day. It’s what I always wanted to do, so after a while I decided to pull the trigger and do it.”

Her first scene, last December, was for Amateur Allure, the company she did makeup for. Working with “the owner who was also the talent,” she was on intimate, familiar ground.

“My second scene was for Brazzers—and it was very, very different. I was very nervous. It was exciting and nerve-wracking, because it was with a whole crew. I didn’t even meet the male talent until I was halfway through my pretty-girls—he just came on when it was time. I thought, OK, this is different.”

She did two more scenes with Brazzers, one with Xander Corvus—“it was really fun”—and a boy-girl-girl with XXX legend Monique Alexander and Isaih Maxwell. She also worked for Burning Angel with Small Hands.

At the time of our interview, Ivy hadn’t done any girl-girl scenes but she revealed that working with Girlsway was high on her wish list. “As far as my [sexual] preferences, it’s pretty even. I’ve always dated men but I definitely crave women and love having sex with them.” (At that time she was also eager to do boy-boy-girl, and has since made that happen.)

What drew her to performing? “Well, I love sex, That’s probably the number one thing, that I get to have sex and I get to do it on camera with hot people. I’m an exhibitionist, so it definitely allows me to access parts of myself that I never really got to before. I come alive on camera. I love the cheesy dialogue, I love hamming it up for the scene setups. And then when it comes time for the sex I really kind of get lost in it.”

She happens to have a boyfriend, Chad Alva, who is also porn talent. “We’ve been off and on for like four years.” She says he did not influence her decision to do porn but has definitely supported it. “I think he was a little beside himself when I told him I was going do it, but he’s been nothing but supportive ever since. He was like, ‘Holy shit? OK. Cool.’”

Born and raised in the City of the Angels, Ivy “started doing makeup pretty much when I turned 18. I worked for a makeup company and then went off and did freelance for a long time. As a makeup artist I got to do some awesome stuff and I’m glad I did that.”

To supplement her income she has also worked as a stripper. She laughs. “You name a strip club in L.A. and I’ve probably worked there at some point. I was never a full-time dancer but I definitely did the circuit, to fill in the gaps with my makeup money.”

As for outside interests, she says, “I really love art at any time. I like checking out exhibits, museums. I’m a big music fan. My taste is dark wave, post-punk, I like to play that kind of music. I also like traveling a lot. Whenever I have some money I will find a way to get out of town. I love experiencing other cultures. I’ve been in Southeast Asia, Australia, lots of Europe.”

Ivy has a striking Halloween-themed tattoo sleeve covering her right arm, “roses behind my thighs and Jesus and Mary on my feet—I’m not religious at all, I just like the imagery,” plus a gold ring nasal piercing.

She would really, really like to be shot by Greg Lansky, whose work she esteems. “I’d love to work for Vixen or Blacked eventually. I think I have the potential. So far I’ve been really well received, which is encouraging. The Twitter following has been building. ...

“It’s exciting. I would really love to have some AVN nominations this year. I would love to have a full porn career.”

Ivy Lebelle is currently self-booking. Contact her at [email protected]. Follow her on Twitter: @ivylebellexxx. Instagram: ivylebelle. Snapchat: ivylebelle.

Photo by Jeff Koga