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Fresh Faces: Ivy Green

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Fresh Faces: Ivy Green

This article ran in the February issue of AVN magazine. To see the digital edition, click here. Photo by Keith Ryan.

Though she was born in 2000, Ivy Green strikes us as a throwback to the previous century. With her alto voice, dangerous curves and frank physical presence, she seems like a noir movie femme fatale or the type of pinup World War II flyboys would paint on the noses of their planes to remind the world what they were fighting for.

And yet, Green made her way into porn the 21st century way—by camming.

“There were always signs,” Green says. “At recess I wouldn’t play sports but I would spin around the flagpole. I guess if people who knew me back in Phoenix ever found me clandestinely in a video or on a camsite, they wouldn’t be too surprised.”

(As if to make us feel less old, Green admits that the first time she watched porn it was on a desktop computer, and she says she likes to read physical books versus the Kindle variety.)

We meet Green at the AVN offices after the longest drive of her life. “It took me nine hours to get here from Phoenix,” she says. “I’d never driven in a car for more than two hours before.”

So what’s it like shooting movies in Porn Valley, USA versus camming with girlfriends in her Arizona apartment?

“Actually being directed is intense,” she says. ”I still get a little nervous.” She has worked for companies like Team Skeet and Brazzers and is learning the ropes of porn production. “But I’m meeting nice people. There was a girl on my last shoot who was really kind to me and told me all about the right colors to wear—even if I’m only going to take them off.”

In addition to getting on-the-job tips, Green has done some things on camera that she hadn’t yet tried in her personal life.

“The other day I used a Hitachi [Magic Wand] for the first time in my life,” she says. “I was not prepared for that feeling.”

That said, Green admits that she has always been very comfortable in her skin. “I’m a dirty slut on camera because ... that’s basically me off camera,” she says.

Green intends to stay in Phoenix and travel to Los Angeles for work. “It’s like a vacation here,” she says. “And I’ll keep doing it as long as it stays fun.”

Book Ivy Green through Foxxx Modeling. Follow her on Twitter: @IvyGreen.

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