Fresh Faces: Harley Ann Wolf

This article originally ran in the June 2017 issue of AVN magazine. Click here to see the digital magazine.

Hometown: Portland, Oregon | Age: 19 | 5-foot-4 | 115 pounds | 32A-24-32 | Hair: Brown | Eyes: Brown

Harley Ann Wolf started as a house dancer in Hollywood: “I came down after my 19th birthday, and I started at the Seventh Veil. I met this girl and was completely infatuated with her. She had big dreams, taking it farther into the industry. We bought a crappy car and went back to my hometown, Portland, because there was work there, we heard, but we looked in the ads there and saw there was work in Florida. I started shooting there.” She shot for Don’t Break Me, I Know That Girl and Street Blowjobs on that trip.

“I liked it,” Wolf said. “I’ve always been a sexual person, and it’s been something that I feel like I have to control, and this was the first time in my life that I didn’t need to. I could totally be myself. It was kind of freeing. Not kind of freeing, actually freeing.”

Before taking the trip to Sunset Boulevard, Wolf was a masonry subcontractor. (“Hands-on. I can lay bricks. I can do roofing as well. I did it all the way through high school. Started when I was 16.”) She also worked in a marijuana dispensary. (“It’s legal up there.”) “I realized I was working two jobs at the same time and not nearly making enough money. I was rowing the boat in circles, not really moving forward.”

Asked what she likes about working in the adult industry, she replied: “I didn’t expect to make friends in this industry, and I totally have. I expected it to be, like, a business. I realized I’m making good connections on sets, I’m having good sex, and I’m making good money. Three good things.”

She’s looking forward to shooting BDSM scenes and another b/b/g: “Being a little sex princess. I love it. I’m pretty much excited for all the opportunities, whether it’s interracial, lesbian orgies ... I’m excited to try it all. I’ve never expanded myself this much sexually.”

Her words to live by: “She may be but little, but she is fierce.”

Book Harley Ann Wolf through LA Direct Models. Follow her on Twitter (@harleyannwolf) and Instagram (harleyannwolfxo).

Photograph by Jeff Koga/@KogaFoto. For more photos of Harley Ann Wolf and other performers who have been to AVN's Talent Night, click here.