Fresh Faces: Gabbie Carter

LOS ANGELES—Gabbie Carter used to sell her panties on Reddit before she made her porn debut in April.

The 18-year-old former restaurant hostess from Austin, Texas, would post photos of herself on the notorious subreddit r/gonewild—which is described as “a place for open-minded Adult Redditors to show off their nude bodies for fun”—and has more than 2 million members.

Carter’s first not-safe-for-work photo on January 7 revealed her lying naked on a bed, concealing her face with a sheet of paper with her username—“imawful69”—scribbled on it.

Then everything changed.

That post at press time had generated more than 44K upvotes and 1.1K comments, making it one of the top posts of all time for NSFW subreddits.

“And people were interested in my panties for some reason,” Carter says. “The most I’ve gotten from it is $300 and I was like, ‘God, that’s really crazy.’”

Carter thought she might be onto something. It wasn’t long after that she found an ad on SexyJobs for what turned out to be John Steven’s adult talent agency, Matrix Models.

“[John] emailed me and we talked on the phone and he was like, ‘I can fly you out tomorrow.’ I was like, ‘Ahh… How about this weekend?’” Carter recalls.

She landed in LA on March 30 and did her first solo sex scene for FTV Girls on April 2; the following day she did her first boy/girl anal with J. Jay for ExploitedCollegeGirls—and the day after had her first three-way with Nikki Venom and J. Jay for the same site.

“Normally when a new model arrives in the industry it usually takes two or three days to get word out to the directors and production companies that she is in town, tested and available for bookings,” Matrix Models owner John Steven tells AVN. “Bookings usually start within four or five days. Before Gabbie arrived in Los Angeles she was already being booked by companies just from a few selfies she sent me with her model application.

“Within the first week of Gabbie being in Los Angeles, New Sensations had booked her for six shoots and Greg Lansky had signed her to an exclusive contract for and—and booked her for”

Steven continues, “I have been booking models for 22 years and I have never seen such a huge response to a brand new model.”

Carter by May 27 had shot 31 scenes, performing for not only Lansky’s high-profile sites, but also established brands such as BangBros, Reality Kings, PornPros, Twistys and Holly Randall—not to mention an upcoming layout for Hustler’s Barely Legal magazine. In fact Carter’s services have been in such demand that Steven says her next available date is August 29.

“People ask me, ‘What do I look for in a model? I tell them, ‘I can’t describe it but when I see a model’s photograph I just know that is it,’” Steven says.

“Gabbie’s real appeal is the fact that she is so down to earth. Every director who has worked with her has picked up the phone on their own and called me to say how amazing it was to work with her.

“I usually never get phone calls from directors to praise a model. The only time I usually get calls is to tell me that there was a problem with the shoot.”

The excitement about Carter is not just coming from the San Fernando Valley; she also has bookings scheduled in Japan, Italy, Paris and London in the coming months.

“I was really surprised with how quickly it escalated,” Carter tells AVN. “I honestly just thought that I was going to come up here and do a scene and get money to get an apartment and have a normal job. And then it kind of just went from there and I got good bookings and people seem to like me.

“I don’t know why, but I can’t complain.”

No one who’s shot Carter so far is complaining either. A golfer in high school who has carded rounds in the high-70s, Carter is enjoying the kind of entrance into adult entertainment reserved for a select few—and in less than two months already is drawing lofty comparisons.

“I came out here with 30 dollars and was just like, ‘please work,’” Carter admits. “I’ve always been drawn to LA for some reason. Like when I was a kid I wanted to run away here. I packed several bags and was planning on taking the bus to LA because I just hated being in Austin.

“But literally as soon as I came here I was like, ‘This is where I’m supposed to be.’”

It seems many agree.

The 2019 AVN Director of the Year Kayden Kross already shot Carter twice, including in a three-way with the 2018 AVN Hottest Newcomer Lena Paul and three-time AVN Male Performer of the Year Mick Blue for her sought-after new project, which is the latest addition to Greg Lansky’s network.

“She was already wonderful on the first shoot and there was a notable improvement a couple of weeks later on the second shoot,” Kross tells AVN. “She’s the highest rated model on my site. And if she just keeps doing what she’s doing I do believe she’ll be the biggest star in this industry in a very short amount of time. She has it all—and I’ve never seen anyone packaged quite like she is.”

Carter got down with Lena Paul in her first girl/girl anal scene—for LesbianX—before seeing her again on Kross’s Deeper set.

“Gabbie was an impressively natural performer,” Paul tells AVN. “I loved her style, work ethic and easy-going attitude. She has the feeling of instant star power around her—that ‘it girl’ factor that’s unmistakable and yet so hard to articulate. I’m confident that with her level-headed attitude and her natural sex appeal that she will go very far in this business.

“Plus, she’s just generally a pleasure to work with. I don’t even usually like the ‘teen category’ from a sexual perspective. It’s just not usually my cup of tea, but I’m totally enamored already.”




The Austrian star Mick Blue calls Carter’s natural boobs “just mind blowing.”

“It’s really a rare occasion,” Blue tells AVN. “... That is I think one of the first big points. The first scene I did with her was the scene with Lena Paul for Kayden—and that was only vag for that scene. It was a very structured scene. We had great energy throughout the scene and I really liked the scenario but I wasn’t really able to see her full potential there because we were three people in the scene. So we were swinging from one person to the other. But we definitely did a fantastic scene.

“However the day after I did a Tushy Raw scene that was directed by Jonni Darkko and she was just amazing. I don’t know how many anal scenes she had done before I did Tushy Raw with her but she was like an anal champ. We had really great energy on set and really good chemistry. And because we were just the two of us you can get more into it. She’s a new superstar on the rise here in our industry.”

Blue says banging Carter two days in a row “was a coincidence.”

“Obviously, I didn’t mind. Who would?” Blue adds.

The French deal-closer Manuel Ferrara, who broke his own record in January, when he won his sixth AVN Award for Male Performer in the Year, tells AVN after shooting Carter once he decided, “I’m gonna put her in everything I can put her in.”

“Listen, I think she is one of the next biggest stars in the porn industry,” Ferrara says. “She has a physique that is just perfect. She’s young, beautiful face, great body, incredible natural boobs and also the way she performs is just exceptional.

“Of course she’s very new so there are things she doesn’t know yet. She’s not super confident yet, but one, it’s gonna come and two, it adds something—the fact that she can be a little clumsy makes her hotter to me. It doesn’t make it like automatic porno sex; it makes it more like genuine sex than choreographed, habit sex.”

Carter, who will turn 19 on August 4, says she knew about Ferrara’s Twitch channel, but not about his porn before she tangled with him.

“It was awesome,” she says. “It was all in one take and it was just like natural and crazy and fun.”

Ferrara, the former physical education student from Gagny, France, in his 22nd year in adult, says in June he’s releasing the first volume of a new series called Sex Machines, which is where fans will find his first encounter with Carter.

“It’s a mix of new girls and also girls that are already strong in the business. Gabbie is in it, but also [2017 AVN Female Performer of the Year] Adriana Chechik is in it, too,” Ferrara says. 

“I’m actively trying to put her in everything I can.”

Ferrara adds, “She’s really a special one. You don’t get a lot of girls that look like her and can have sex the way she does.”

New Sensations/Digital Sin owner Scott Taylor, an influential industry figure for more than 25 years whose studios have been instrumental in launching several future stars’ careers, agrees.

“In my opinion she is exceptional,” says Taylor, who also co-founded Digital Playground in 1993 and heads NS Novelties, National/Universal and Fantasy Lingerie.

“Once in a great while a girl like this comes along. We booked her on pics alone but as it turns out she is great to work with. She is everything we expected and look forward to future scenes. We plan to premiere her scene on our website first. We will then release it on all other forms. There is no question that she is the next big thing.”

Taylor tells AVN his company is planning a promotion around Carter and the launch of their site scheduled for July 1.

“Our plan is to make a splash with each scene rather than just tossing them out there,” Taylor says. “You could see her scene at as early as mid-June.”




The 5-foot-7 Carter describes herself as “an outcast” when she was in her large, class 5A high school.

“People just had an opinion about me but no one got to know me at all—and it’s really annoying because people just thought they knew all this stuff about me,” she says. “People just make up stories out of their ass that didn’t even make sense. Especially now that I’m doing this I’m getting so much attention from kids that went to my school.”

Even though she had only two scenes released at the time of this interview in late April, some of her former classmates found out.

“They watch a lot of porn I guess,” Carter jokes. 

A varsity athlete who has been hitting golf balls since she was 5, Carter says now she’s out of practice “but I can always pick it back up.”

“When I shot for FTV in Arizona they let me swing golf clubs and it was fun,” she says.

Carter also liked drawing in school.

“I went to a side part because I hated being in my high school so much that they have a section for the edgy kids. That’s where I went—to the edgy kids school,” she says, adding that no one was shocked about her move into porn.

“Honestly, I think it was expected. Because I was always that girl with huge tits since seventh grade. And I lost my virginity before anyone and so I’ve always had that kind of attention.”

Carter says she's “definitely taking it day by day” in adult.

“I kind of want to go to college; I’m not in a rush or anything. But I want to do something—sociology, or something like that,” she says. “And I also want to start my own business. But I’m not in a rush. … I want to do couture lingerie.”

She says her mother is “pretty supportive of me.”

“Not in the sense of like, ‘Yeah, go do porn!’ But of all the things she could be supportive of, I’m surprised that this is one of them,” Carter continues. “And she sees that I’m happy and doing good and I’m making money and getting a car and an apartment in the month that I’ve been here.

“And she’s just like, ‘Hell, yeah. This is way better than what your situation was before with your shitty boyfriend and being broke and not going to school.’ So she’s happy for me.”

A hostess at a pizza joint for three months before she got to LA, Carter says, “I’m not one to keep a job for very long.”

“I’ve had a lot of hostess jobs—at a Mexican restaurant, a seafood restaurant. I worked in an ice cream place, which was different. It was a local Austin place,” she adds.

But which job was her favorite?

“None of them,” she says with a smile. “Not working was my favorite.”

Now she’s on the clock almost every day in Porn Valley.

“I did something with Tushy the other day that was so much fun. I loved it,” she says, referring to her anal scene with 2018 AVN Male Performer of the Year Markus Dupree that will debut this Friday on

Carter says she had never heard of the Russian sharpshooter Dupree or Tushy—the 2016 AVN Best New Imprint—for that matter.

“No, but Markus is amazing,” she says, laughing. “Big fan.”

At first she admits, “I was just really scared, but when I got into it my nerves went away and it was a lot of fun.”

Veteran French director Laurent Sky, an exclusive shot-caller for Greg Lansky’s sites for the past three years who helmed her Tushy scene, tells AVN Carter is “pretty amazing.”

“I definitely think she’s the new one,” says Sky, who has been an elite shooter for almost two decades. “For me she’s kind of the new Ivy Wolfe, combining the beauty with a really good package. It’s the full package and she has a great attitude.

“I shot Gabbie two times. We did an anal scene with her and I just shot a Vixen with her. I had never heard about her; I found her on the spot. On the first day I called Greg to let the company know that she’d be a great asset and to consider signing a deal with her.

“I think we have a mini-deal with her for some stuff.  … I called the company right away and gave my feedback. I don’t call the company very often. I was right with Ivy Wolfe when she came in. I knew she could be amazing. This is the new Ivy Wolfe. Once every three years a new girl is popping out who’s really special.”

Wolfe, who started her porn career in the fall of 2017, won the 2019 AVN Award for Best New Starlet in January.


Carter, who watched a lot of lesbian fare on Pornhub before she got started, hasn’t had much time to reflect on her sensational debut—which has been a blur.

“Everything’s just over my head,” she says. “Every day I’ve just been going. … I thought I watched a lot of porn but apparently not. I don’t know my porn stars."

She continues, “I love lesbian porn but I didn’t know any names. And I feel bad now because I wish I knew the people that I watched.”

Carter found herself focusing on girl/girl stuff because “I was dating a guy that I wasn’t into sexually.”

“I’m so sexually attracted to girls,” she reveals. “I’ve hooked up with lots of girls and convinced my boyfriend to invite girls in, but I could tell he wasn’t about it.”

When she’s not in work mode, Carter is in “sleepy mode.”

“I have two modes—sex and sleep,” she cracks. “And I watch a lot of movies on Netflix all the time.”

She continues, “I started this show called Bonding and it’s about bondage. I’d like to tie someone up; I don’t know if I would like being tied up—seems scary.”

Carter loves animals, especially wolves.

“I think my spirit animal is a wolf,” Carter says, noting she has two wolves’ faces tattooed on her right arm.

She also has a crane tattooed on her upper right leg.

“For good luck and good fortune,” Carter says.

She considered going into the military “and I had a scar on my leg,” so someone recommended she cover it with ink.

“So I got this big-ass bird on my leg thinking I was going to go into the military,” Carter explains. “But that didn’t happen. I came here instead.”

She also wanted to name herself “Cabbie.”

“And everyone told me that was stupid. I don’t think it’s stupid but whatever,” Carter says. “I was like Cabbie-Gabbie—same thing.”

She’d like to someday work with 2014 AVN Best New Starlet Mia Malkova, pointing to “her booty and her face and her personality.”

“She seems really sweet,” Carter says.




Photography by Jeff Koga/@kogafoto