Fresh Faces: Fibi Euro

This feature appears in the May issue of AVN magazine. Click here for the digital edition.

LOS ANGELES—Fibi Euro tells AVN she is “a seeker by nature, an explorer.”

“I thrive on trying new experiences and feeling the adrenaline rush,” she says.

The enchanting rising star from Ukraine admits that “deep down” she had a “long-standing curiosity” about adult, but she wasn’t sure.

“Initially, I hesitated to acknowledge this desire, and later, I convinced myself that I was too ‘old’ for such a venture,” Fibi says.

But everything changed in October 2023 when she stumbled upon an interview with Brandi Love, who began her journey in her 30s.

“That was the moment I realized it was time to embrace this new path,” Fibi says.

After her first scene for SexArt, she had no doubt that she made the right decision.

“I enjoyed every moment of it!” Euro says. “Since then, I’ve been filmed in over 40 scenes, each one reaffirming my passion for this industry.”


Now what Fibi loves most about her career is “the introduction process.”

“I enjoy delving into the backstory; it enhances the final result,” Fibi explains. “While filming the intro, I immerse myself in the role, sometimes questioning, ‘Is this really my life?’ The adult industry turned everything upside down! Through this journey, I’ve met fascinating people and forged new connections.”

She adds, “The adult industry has taught me to think outside the box, opening my eyes to endless possibilities. I feel like the whole world is at my fingertips, waiting for me to seize every opportunity.”

Fibi also recently discovered her preference for girl/girl scenes—which surprised her.

“It was through filming that I uncovered this bi-alter-ego aspect of my identity,” she says. “Here, more than ever, I’ve begun to truly enjoy myself and appreciate my body. I wish for every woman to discover this same joy in embracing herself and, importantly, to have sex with life.”

Fibi shined in a scene for for their Xpervo series, titled “Naughty Games” in which she took on veteran performer Max Dior.

She says it was her first time meeting the three-time International Female Performer of the Year Little Caprice and her husband and business partner, Marcello Bravo, who directed the scene.

“And I didn’t prepare for this shoot the way others typically do. I felt as though I was already on par with them,” Fibi says. “Furthermore, I feel completely at ease in this industry, like a fish in the water.”


Fibi tells AVN she had no worries before the Xpervo encounter.

“I was worried only before the first scene. Now, I’m just having fun!” she says.

Born in the picturesque port city of Kherson in southern Ukraine, nestled along the shores of the Dnipro River, the 32-year-old stunner says “that’s where my hot temper and love of ships coming into port come from.”

She currently resides in Prague, Czech Republic.

“In this city, I feel like a character of a fairy tale, where each corner holds the promise of new experiences and endless possibilities,” Fibi says. “I embrace the opportunity to play any role in this narrative, whether it be the curious explorer, the creative dreamer, or the spirited adventurer.”


Before adult, she dedicated herself to “nurturing young talents” as a school music teacher. Now, many of her students who have seen her adult movies have become fans.

“But my passion for music extended beyond the classroom,” she continues. “Having a jazz education, sometimes I delight the audience with my lounge pop covers with a chill-out flavor, elegantly complemented by soft vocal in various venues in Prague.

“In addition, I perform my own songs as an artist.”

Fibi, who also plays piano, says being on stage is like when she’s in front of the camera.

“I feel like I can be anyone. And that’s what gives me a thrill!”

She describes herself as “gentle, docile, easy, but at the same time risky, impudent.”

“I’m ready to do everything to achieve my own happiness. In a word, freedom-loving! This is my first priority,” Fibi says.

As a performer, Euro explains that she is “gentle yet daring.”

“I specialize in creating beautiful, refined light porn for those who appreciate naturalness and aesthetics. I don’t do hardcore, at least not yet,” Fibi adds.

When she isn’t working, she enjoys music, creativity and traveling.

“I love exploring the world and being in the spotlight!” Fibi says.

Meanwhile, she would love to star in a series by Brandi Love.

“It’s a big dream of mine!” the starlet tells AVN. “Also, I would like to organize my solo concert in Prague, where I can share my music with as many people as possible.”


Photography by Marcello Bravo